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I have been at a Florence 1 school since kindergarten. I think I have gotten a great education. We just got a new superintendent that has a lot of great ideas. I believe he will make positive changes. The teachers care about the students and really try to involve the whole family. If I could change something, it would be higher pay for the teachers. They give it all and don't get much money.
Over the past couple of years, Florence 1 Schools has made a visible effort to help improve the educational experience of students, teachers and staff. From making more security precautions for students with metal detectors, to upgrading the facilities. The new and improved restrooms provide students and staff with an improved and more comfortable experience. Overall, Florence One Schools have made a valid attempt to improve the educational system and experience for students and teachers, but much more is necessary in order to satisfy all the proper needs of both students and teachers.
Overall, I am satisfied with all parts of the school district. A few of the buildings need to be updated/renovated. I know this takes time and has started. I’m not too impressed with the cafeteria food. I feel the students need to have more on their plates. There are days they leave lunch hungry. I would also like to see more of the arts incorporated at all schools.
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Had the best interactions with Faculty and staff with this district. The SRO at South Florence High gives parents like me the peace of mind that my child is safe
They are moving in a good direction, becoming more innovative and willing to try new things for students.
Florence 1 Schools has great technology programs that supplement instruction. The safety for school buildings is also good because parents and visitors must be buzzed in to gain access to buildings.
South Florence is a very well rounded school. Now that they have officer Heath Gregg as an SRO, you honestly have that sense of security that your child is safe and has someone there if they ever need.
I would like to see a better separation between church and state. There are several groups that meet on school property that promote religious beliefs. This should not be happening. There have been several flyers sent home or emailed to us that are about religious events happening in Florence. This is a promotion of specific religions and is against our constitution. In the recent past, at an APT meeting at our daughters elementary school, there was an opening prayer at the start of the meeting. This needs to change. It is unacceptable.
The teachers and staff work very hard. There needs to be testing done for children with dyslexia. I know a law was recently passed to have all children tested before 2nd grade but I don’t see any testing being done. The law requires schools to screen students in Kindergarten - second grade for characteristics of dyslexia beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.
We need more school psychologist who are trained in these specific areas to help our children develop and understand that they just learn in a different way and are no less intelligent than any other child. Dyslexia, autism and other learning disabilities are often looked at as if that child is “less than” other children but often these children if given the right TOOLS have proven to be Geniuses.
Excited with the hiring of superintendent O’Malley and his ongoing work for more progressive ideas! Disappointed in the community of taxpayers who refuse their students the ability to thrive by continued segregation of wealth based private schools cloaked in the guise of religion. Having relocated from the Northeast, it is yet another reminder of unflinching antiquated ideas on what constitutes an education.
I think the teachers are prepared but there are not enough for the amount of students we have. I would like to see more teachers to enable the students are getting the attention they need and deserve.
I like the change that Dr. O'Malley has brought to the district. He is for students but also every employee no matter what their position.
Communication between departments at the District Office along within all schools needs to be greatly improved. It is sad with the lack of communication that is in my own department.
I would like to see overall cohesiveness within this district! Some elementary schools have programs (ie STEAM, Dual Language, Magnet, uniforms, new computer labs, year round school, etc) and some schools have none. Several schools are worn and torn, old buildings with inadequate lightning,
heat and cooling and just uninspiring to young minds. All FSD1 schools should mirror each other. Also, I would love if the elementary school parents were given a syllabus for students on what lessons are going to be taught for the school year. It helps to know what our kids are being taught each nine weeks. I don't like that traditional books have been replaced with downloaded sheets of paper from websites and Chromebooks with no instructions given to parents except to charge at night and return in the morning.
I would like to see more unity within the school board members. Putting the kids /education first and not their popularity . Making sure that the high school seniors are ACT/SAT ready in conjunction with maintaining high grades.
I like the resources and technology made available and the staff have been really kind and helpful since my children have been attending Florence School District 1.
Poor communication, lack of consistency and capable leadership in school after school. Had a good experience at the K-4 level but downhill rapidly after that.
I have three kids ,that is in Florence district 1 . One is at South Florence high school and the other two goes to Greenwood .The district has been very well, I haven’t had any problems so far, I have one that is about to graduate high school and so far it’s been a good experience. Anytime I need help, I feel like I can get it.
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My daughter attends McLaurin Elementary. This our first year with Florence District one. I have been very pleased thus far.
Good district have great learning opportunities. Staff and teachers seem to be qualified to teach students in a way that puts them on a good track to having a good education. The school's are equipped with learning materials and the needed resources to help the students to learn .
Can only speak for Elementary Schools they have been very good in working with the students and letting parents or guardian know what to expect and what is happening. The principals are very knowledge and care what is going on.