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I loved the idea of giving students access to technology through the distribution of MacBook Air Laptops, which allows students to utilize this tool to learn more efficiently. This is a unique initiative, and I believe Flagler Schools has the right leadership and guidance to prepare students adequately for college, even in the midst of this pandemic.
Flagler schools provide electronic devices to all students from 3rd grades to high school seniors. During This corona virus situation, That helps students a lot!
Flagler counties public schools, are all different. But for the most part what they lack in resources, they make up for in faculty who cares about their students. The teachers give all they can for the students and have to jump through hoops to navigate what our school board does for bettering education which isn't a lot. Our schools could be better if we had more resources. i once watched a kindergarden teacher buy all of her supplies at Walmart. She did it for the kids not because she would get compensated for it.
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They offer a wide range of academics, CTE courses and fine arts! They provide a safe and healthy learning environment to all students.
From my experience, Flagler Palm Coast High School was very involved in school events and sports, but they lacked concentration in the importance or proper counseling and mental health outreach. Also, too big of a focus on dress code and tardiness took a lot of time away for students from actual education time.
Moving to Flagler County system beginning my seventh grade year was interesting. Indian Trails Middle School itself was average, not much by way of sports and unfortunately I managed to have several teachers exit the system over the course of my two years. Several of my teachers also seemed to be ready for retirement and less interested in truly teaching.
I am now a senior at Matanzas and my experience has been a little better. I have had several teachers who actually have shown an interest in me and how I am doing in their classes. I also have been able to enjoy several sports and there are plenty of clubs to be a part of.
Flagler County Schools have a reputation as a leader in technology and in literacy. I’m proud that my friends who are teachers work there, and send their kids to school in Flagler County!
I have attended Flagler County schools my entire life and it wasn't bad, but it definitely could improve in some things. I could agree that it might have been the certain school I attended, not a problem with the county.
I went to school at Flagler Palm Coast High School, I graduated in 2012. I found FPC to be a good high school. My teachers were always very involved, which I liked. I found their way of teaching to be very effective for me. Flash forward seven years my son has now started at Belle Terre Elementary School. I am a huge fan of this school. Since beginning school Ryder has soared..he has learned so many things. The teachers at Belle Terre Elementary are a amazing. They are always keeping me informed and involved, constantly updating me. Another thing I like is they use the bloomz app through out the school day. I am happy to say we are a part of Flagler County Public School.
I have gotten a good education from elementary to High School levels. I have liked most of my teachers and almost all of them have taught very well. The food isn't so great but most of the facilities are.
I have grown up within the Flagler County Public Schools and made awesome memories. Currently, I am attending a private school in Bunnell but still, miss and support public High schools.
The school is overall good academically and offers many programs. However displine wise I don’t think it’s a very controlled environment.
I would rather have had better school participation. The dress code sucks and isn't enforced equally between genders and year round.
It's school.

In the future I will hope that are students of color be gjven equal punishment on the scale of punishment as their counterparts with alike violations.
Flagler County Public Schools need to do better, when it comes to understand African American students. It is a proven facts that African American student are most likely to receive harsher punishments than other kids. Another thing Flagler public schools needs to improve is put more faith into theses young students. Please stop giving them the easy way offering the 18 credit graduating scam. I call it a scam because the student who go through this program are usually being cheated out of a good education.
Implimented a uniform, but was fought against so badly they only enforce collared shirts so its really pointless. Not the best teachers, not the best funding, but good opportunity in IB and AP and duel enrollment programs.
I've been to 7 out of 12 of the Flagler County public schools and I must say they are very nice schools. Most of Flagler County Schools are rated A or B schools and are excellent in their academics. However, I would like the schools to increase saftey measures at all of their schools as from experience I've had many encounters where they were not well protected. There are only 2 High Schools, 2 middle schools, 5 Elementary Schools, 1 Technical School, 1 Communtity College, and 1 Tech Academy. I would like to see more schools for middle and high school as they are very overpopulated. As for young graduates I would like more options for schooling for those who have graduated.
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I enjoy the many opportunities within the school district, but do not enjoy the inconsistencies delivered by administrators in different facilities.
My experience in Flagler County was positive. The technology initiative really took them to the top. During my freshman year in high school. All high school students receive a MacBook air computer to take home from school. My teachers were amazing and really prepared me for college. I also was dual enrolled and graduated with my AA degree. The one thing I would change, is helping students that do not have transportation get to the college.
I love that Flagler County Public Schools are always open to new programs and the ideas of it's students. I believe Flagler County has the top two schools in Florida because of this. When students feel they can express themselves things run a lot smoother. The students and staff of this county are so hard working and never fail to amaze me.
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