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Ferndale Public Schools Reviews

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Ferndale schools are great! So glad I made the choice to send my daughter to public school in her home town.
I loved that it's a very diverse place were you can meet new people.
Also how the staff and teachers are willing to help after school.
The things I liked about Ferndale Public schools are the resources off campus which students have access to if they connect with another to learn about that resource.
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Ferndale is an extremely progressive school; when I came out as transgender, my teachers didn't skip a beat when calling me by my preferred name.
I liked how the staff including teachers and security takes care of every student on a personal level meaning they try to understand what the student is going through. Another reason why I am having a good experience is the school is very diverse which makes me feel comfortable with my surroundings and not left out of anywhere. One thing that I do want the school to change is the lunch. Ferndale High School puts the students first and make sure the students have taken care of there responsibility. A good thing is that upperclassmen have the freedom to leave for lunch. Overall this school is what you can ask for in any high school.
Ferndale High School is a very diverse community. The school's administration is great and has relationship with most of the students. I would change the food at Ferndale High school to better tasting food.
My favorite about Ferndale Public School is how diverse the school is. I would change the policies on suspension.
Ferndale Public Schools are very diverse. They welcome all kind of people with open arms. They are dedicated in making sure their students receive the education they deserve.
In school I enjoyed all of the different people i met throughout my four years. I've also built good relationships with some teachers and staff.
I like that the school is diverse and that the staff goes all out for their students. I won’t change a thing about the school.
I like how diverse the school as to where I can meet so many different people, the school also has a staff of well-rounded are, they aren’t just there to teach a class but give any advice one will ever need.
Parents and other community members are very involved. There are good activities offered. The teachers are nice and helpful.
Ferndale is a very student orientated school. The goal of the staff is to ensure everyone of their students are involved and on track. I loved the enviorment, and was heavily envolved.
Ferndale is a very diverse school which I am proud to be apart of. Since I am in the honors or AP level classes, I have had good experiences in my classes. I do know that some people have had not as good experiences in their regular courses. I have had summer reading every summer that I have been in high school and I’ve had to buy or rent my summer reading books. It would be nice if the school could provide them, but I don’t think we have enough money to do this. I do understand that some public school cannot do this but it would be helpful if they could provide them.
Ferndale Schools are stupendous. The music program, creates many talented students, and where marching band to some schools is for "nerds", a little shy of a quarter of our high school school is in the music program, with most of them in the marching band. We do have a lot of school spirit at events, but when it comes to in school spirit, many people lack the drive to make the experience more exciting and do not participate. The teachers are very involved with the school. And not just the teachers, but many parents of students as well. Throughout the year, there are many of activities for anyone to get involved in, whether its sports, robotics, theater, full orchestra, dance. Anybody has the opportunity to get involved with that they want. One large part about Ferndale, is that we are in an open community. There are many types of people, especially among the LGBT community. Everybody within Ferndale, creates an open, welcoming environment that anyone would love to be a part of.
What I like about Ferndale Public School is that the teachers our patient with you and help you get the education you need and actually teach you one on one learning if you need it
Ferndale was a great experience for me. I played high school women's basketball all four years and it was the time of my lie. Academically, I did pretty well tanks to the teaching staff, I really felt college ready by graduation time.
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Ferndale High School will always be my best experience in any school due to the love and support displayed by all staff..
What I like about the Ferndale Public School District is that it is a fun environment and the teachers actually build a relationship with the students. They offer many programs and opportunities for students. The curriculum is nice but I feel as if there is an impediment that keeps students from reaching their full potential. I feel administration doesn't connect with the students enough and aren't approachable for students to get informed. I feel that we are prepared for the SAT enough, it would be nice to have an after school program or even a class about prepping students for the SAT. We also want AP classes for students that are ready. Overall FPS is a fine district, the question will students be prepared enough for life when they leave high school?
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