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Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District Reviews

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I have 4 children, two of sons have already graduated from the FM school district and my other two children are still currently attending school in the FM. Both of my son’s that have graduated are currently in college and doing great. FM teachers did a great job preparing my son’s for college.
It’s a really good school district. Great music department. Great classes. Overall really cool. There’s just a lot of academic pressure
Good education and overall pretty caring teachers. The food and the number of snow days could be better/more.
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Having lived here my whole life and recently graduating, and moving onto a whole new world, it is safe to say that Fayetteville-Manlius is simply, the best. Everything from its academics, which are nationally recognized in many areas, to a community who care about each other, are contagious with success and joy. The staff employed in the FM school district have shaped me to be a caring and hard working student. There wasn't a day of school that I didn't enjoy. This is also due to the kids that were my classmates. Each and everyday I looked forward to seeing my classmates and teachers alike. With top notch facilities and teaching, it is no surprise that the district is almost top-100 in the nation. It is a wonderful place to live and grow up, inside and out the classroom.
The Fayetteville-Manlius School system has one of the best reputations for education excellence within New York State and nationwide. The school district has excellent academics and learning environment for all students. Students are active in various school related activities and within the local communities.
The three and a half years I’ve spent at FM were outstanding. The teachers are great. Very interested and involved with the students. Lots of AP and dual enrollment courses are offered to juniors and seniors so you can get a leg up on college courses. The food is great, especially the paninis! Lots of sports are offered. No. 1 in the Nation for cross country running. Very cohesive and active student body. Homecoming is always a blast. Glad I went here!
This schools keeps you on track for college and gives you many opportunities to join sports team and get involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities.
I feel like this school has done a very good job preparing me for college. I like the staff and athletics.
I love the academics here I just wish there was more diversity. The District is very involved with recent technology. It is one of the last schools to still be pushing the arts and music. Our school wins many awards for the arts music academics and sports.
After attending Fayetteville Manlius I feel confident in my ability to move on to college due to the personal support and encouragement from the teachers as well as top notch academics.
It was a good school, everyone is pushed going into the college path after graduation. But the math and science is great at the school.
My overall experience with Fayetteville-Manlius was exceptional! The teachers genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed. I will say, however, that the better teachers tend to be assigned to honors classes.
There is a lot of pressure, however, to achieve great things in the classroom, on the sports field, in the band etc. There are many amazing opportunities for students (personally, I was part of the music department and it was amazing!)but there comes a lot of cutthroat competition and pressure along with it. There can also be a sense of entitlement among some students.
In addition, special education within this district is lackluster at best.

Overall though, the strong academics, tons of extracurricular opportunities, exceptional faculty and focus on excellence make up for the small failings in student attitude. Bright young men and women who genuinely wish to succeed will surely do so here.
I believe that overall the Fayetteville-Manlius school district is a great district. The academics are amazing, and the amount of courses offered at this school are beyond enough. You have anywhere from the core courses such as the math and history courses, but you also have many courses like Computer Science classes, Theatre courses, and many more.
Many of the teachers care, and love their jobs and love to watch their students prosper. They do all that they can in the time they have with their students to be able to help them develop and learn not only the material needed for the course, but also skills they will need for when they leave high school.
A few things I would change about the high school is the amount of diversity. This school has many clicks within the student body, and there isn't much that could break through those barriers with how the culture and attitude is presented.
I loved the competitive culture at F-M. Every student felt pushed to do their best and truly excel at everything they became involved with. I would not have discovered my curiosity for STEM and love for science nearly as much without the help of the wonderful teachers and clubs at F-M High School.
The students have a high understanding of the way to treat each other. There is mutual respect between the teachers and the students. No one criticizes race, background, size, or height.
I liked the benefits of the education there. They have a lot of connections to provdie for their students to progress after graduation. I would like to see a change in how locked down the school is. We weren’t allowed to go outside to enjoy fresh air without being asked questions and being told to stay inside.
I had a wonderful time and experience at FM High School. I learned so much, made great friends, not only in my peers but my teachers as well. I had a guidance counselor that was fantastic.. although he challenged me and made me do all the work myself, I am forever grateful to have the experiences I have.
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I enjoyed the variety of classes I was able to take and the atmosphere of the school. I would like to see the lunch options changed to more variety of healthier foods.
I liked how this school offers you many opportunities to get involved and be apart of a type of community. There are many clubs or sports teams to join allowing you to make many new friends and learn how to live an organized life.
I really liked the teachers and education. Didn't always love how the community chose to conduct itself.
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