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It was close to our house. All three of our kids went to Farmington Public Schools and all received great educations. The staff and administration care about the welfare of our the students. There is diversity within the district.
The experience in Farmington public schools was great. Since we are very diverse you learn about all different types of cultures and you get to work with many different people. A lot of our sports excel since we are hard working individuals but we also excel in academics with the International Baccalaureate program that gets us ready for collage.
I am a recent transfer student here and the environment is pretty nice. One thing I'd change is the grading system. Their system is based on a 0/100 scale, which only allows students to receive credit for quizzes and tests. I think homework and classwork should remain part of the students grade; one, as motivation for students to even do it; and two, to get more practice on the material before the quiz or test.
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The district used to be okay but in recent years there the district has just gone downhill. Harrison High School used to be a pretty good school but then the district decided to close the school and just ended up not caring about the school at all even though the school hasn't even closed yet.
Good school district great community. Needs more diversity, overall its safe environment. The teachers care about students readiness to move forward.
There are a lot of problems with the district, including administration, how schools are closing, etc. I believe that the school district is not handling it in a proper manner, but due to the circumstances, I believe that they are doing their absolute best to make the district it's best and function efficiently. However, going through the Farmington school district has been a good experience for me personally. The diversity, faculty and opportunities available to student have always been great/
In Farmington, I felt that teachers truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed. They taught me more than just lessons on academics but they also taught me life lessons as well. They made the space a great place for learning and growing as well! I wouldn't hesitate to put my future kids into this school!
My student is in an I.E.P., I haven't met a teacher that would go the distant for her. She has thrived because of them. She is on track to graduate in May.
I am a senior at North Farmington High School. It has been a great experience so far. With all the new updates it is getting even better. The teachers and staff are amazing with getting things done in a timely matter.
They have very educated teachers who really care about the future of their students. However the student life is pretty boring and I don’t feel like I’ve had a real high school experience.
Farmington Public Schools have great diversity. No one feels out of place due which gives everyone the potential to succeed.
The school system is very nice and determined to help out every student within there district. However, they have changed the grading system a few times, and it becomes more complicated to go from one new grading system to another. Finally, the Farmington Public School district is also well known for the united sport teams and clubs. Even though the high schools may still be rivalries, they are still very active and connected to each other.
The teaching department is mediocre. Additionally, the changes that have been made in the district are unneccessary and inconvenient.
For the most part, all the teachers I’ve had in high school have been very helpful and willing to work with me if I reached out. I could have just been lucky so far because I know a lot of people that have had issues but I haven’t personally dealt with any first hand. One thing I don’t like is how they keep changing our grading system without any student input
I was a student in FPS for 13 years and feel that I received a good education. I would like to see some changes to the communication with administration - specifically more consistence between schools. Also I feel that a student should be allowed to transfer schools within the school district.
Going downhill fast, this district as terrible administration constantly changing principles, Farmington high school cannot keep teachers at all, always is in a scandal (shooting scandal, drug searches multiple times a year, and racism) this school loves to talk about diversity but racism in this school is very apparent and everyone knows it
we need to start focusing on keeping our kids in better conditions as not having only one working stall, lack of toilet paper, holes in ceilings.
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Farmington public schools has truly impacted my life. They take problems the concerns the students very seriously. I like how everyone can respect one another and they staff truly acknowledges student voice.
I liked the diversity of the student body of Farmington High School. It teaches you to become more aware of other cultures and more informed on the differing opinions of others. It is a privilege to be surrounded and learn in a diverse environment. Something that could change in Farmington Public School Districts are the communication between the teachers and the board. As a student it was easy to tell that teachers were unhappy in their environment due to the board and they had a lot of freedoms to teach in their classrooms stripped away because of them which was disheartening to see.
I liked that there is a lot of diversity in the school district because you get used to seeing people that look different from you, further more, have a different background. I wish that in high school we could have open lunches or we could pick whats in the vending machines
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