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Farmersville Independent School District Reviews

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At Farmersville ISD academics are their top priority and they thrive on that. The athletics has a good program and a great staff. When it comes to the students though, the school does not spend enough money on them. The water fountains and the cafeteria food is below average.
It's alright wish they would spend more on art. Also they should open clubs up so that students can get involved.
Farmersville ISD does an amazing job of making sure students are fully prepared for any obstacles. One thing that needs to change is the lack of sources for students going through tough times or that are enduring bullying.
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I have been attending Farmersville ISD since elementary school. Farmersville ISD is a great school we are a small town and this community comes together to make this town and schools great! There is a lot of parent/teacher/community envolvement which makes students want to do better and achieve in life!
My high school experience was great. The teachers and staff are very helpful and deserve a lot more than they receive. One thing that needs to change is dress code. The times students were sent to the office to change or shave, was ridiculous. It took class time away from the student and shouldn’t even have been a big deal in the first place.
It seems like a pretty average school, but there are things that could change to improve the quality of education.
Farmersville ISD is a close knit community where you almost always know what is going on around, and that's a good thing. The only problems are they are growing too fast going from a small 3a to big enough to qualify for 4a in under 6 years is a rapid change, but they handled it well, and Farmersville is a good school for people to attend.
This school is great. Some resources I have as a student is limited. The overall rating I give it is about a 4/5 because of the resources and the students there.
I honestly like the way FISD runs things. There are a few things that I think should change, sometimes I feel like all they care about in sports is the guy sports, and I feel like it is not fair. I also feel sometime peoples consequences aren't always the same when they happened to be doing the same thing, I feel like the rules are always different for people. Overall I love Farmersville and wouldn't trade it!
I enjoyed the small town. The small amount of students means everyone knows everyone. The school is very football oriented, and does not care much for other sports.
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