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I've had three children in the Falls Church City public school system for 9 years. The teachers are wonderful, the IB program is brilliant, the administrators are caring and kind, the other parents are very involved. The community is comprised of highly-educated, liberal, worldly, progressive, well-intentioned parents. The problem is that housing is so expensive that there are very few people from non-privileged backgrounds. Social exclusion, superficial relationships, obsession with popularity and image, are rampant. This last year, these social dynamics and lack of diversity have led our family to move. There is a life experience that this city offers that sets children up for not being empathetic or caring, seeing themselves as superior to others, obsessing with travel soccer and high level athletics, grades, etc. Moving was not an easy decision, but we crave diversity and Falls Church City does not provide that.
I would like more sensitivity training for the teachers and admin. A large portion of the junior class participates in a slave ship "simulation" in their history class. As the only black student in the class, I went through a major depressive episode after that. The teachers are not very good at being aware of differences of other students, particularly students of color, and how to foster an environment of not being sought out because they are an ''other".
One thing about the schools here is that they really prepare you for the next step. I don't think we get enough credit for how much work we do. Since the whole school system has integrated the IB program, the level of difficulty has increased in the work and has prepared me for the future. On the other hand because of this rigid program, many of the students have a unhealthy mentally of thinking they won't graduate if they don't have the highest marks on a assignment. Also, many classes don't have adequate teachers, so many students have to teach themselves out of class to learn the material. As far as student life, there is a lot lacking in diversity, the main source of diversity in the school is the flags of different countries that hang in the cafeteria. Also, since so many of the students have lived in the area for most of their life or their whole life, they don't really branch out of their little cliques and tend to be quite standoffish if aren't not part of their clique.
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Small class sizes. Highly engaged staff and parents. My children are getting a world class education. We are thrilled with our experience thus far in FCCPS schools!
I’ve attended George Mason High school (fccps) for about 2.5 years now, and was living overseas for the majority of my life before. The school offers a variety of programs that student from anywhere can really just integrate into upon arrival at the school. The school is used to having kids move in and out of the system as there is a big state department population in the city. Thus, I’ve found that teachers and the administrators are very willing to help situate students and get them on track to graduate from a Virginia public school, which is very hands on an helpful.
It was a great school system. Loved being in high school. I loved my teachers and had so many good memories and friends there.
We moved to the city for the Falls Church City Public School system. They are K-12 International Baccalaureate, small class sizes, community feel. In the last two years, however, City government has begun to cut back funding drastically nearly $1,000,000 last year and no increase this year. Class sizes are increasing greatly. I fear educational quality of the district is about to suffer.
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