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Fairview has excellent academic standards and a variety of electives.
The fairly small district is close knit and community involved. Honors and AP classes prepare you for the future.
I attended and graduated from Fairview High School in 1970. My teachers were some of the best and they helped me really appreciate the sciences and math. Although I was a "C" math student, I was an "A" science student. After graduating, I attended Gannon College as a EE major. I had a very successful career starting as a product engineer, moving up to Manager of New Product Development, Director of Quality Assurance, Vice President of Quality and Information Technology and culminating as VP of Operations. Fairview High made me what I am and instilled the reach for a goal for which I am forever and eternally grateful. Thank you Mr. Vail, Mr. Servey, Mr. Bischoff, Mr. Linkowski, and Mr. Winslow!
I think Fairview is a great school district. It is really welcoming. Fairview has great teachers. Fairview is the type of school where they push you to be your best but they are still concerned about your well being.
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Decent school, lots of spirit. Mostly rich white kids. Not super inclusive, had a lot of initial problems with bullying. But I guess that's just school. Compared to every other school lunch I've had, this one's pretty great.
excellent school teachers are amazing and have helped me grow and strengthen my goals. I went through a rough patch and teachers at Fairview high school guided me, mentored me, and loved me every step of the way.
My experience at Fairview High School was a blessing. During my time there the school was presented as a National Blue Ribbon School, which says a lot about the hard work and academic strength of the school. I was involved in sports throughout my high school career and the athletics program was fantastic. The teacher to student ratio was fair. Our guidance office has prepared students very well for college life and have especially helped me in finding that perfect college that suites me. All in all Fairview High School is a fantastic school and I will never forget the friends and memories I made there.
Our school district is very community oriented. Parents and the community were always very supportive of all of the events which makes us one big family. Also our school is one of the top rated schools in Pennsylvania. Our education is very important to us all.
Need better arts/theatre program. Too many cliques. Not overly impressed with colleges students are attending after graduation. For a #1 school I'd expect to see admission to more competitive universities. Doesn't look like the school has been updated for decades.
Fairview school district is a very good district. All 3 schools provided a good curriculum and classes to prepare me for my future. The staff were very friendly and supportive.
What I enjoyed about Fairview was the open community we all had. Mostly everyone understood that we had our own personalities, our own lives, and our own ways of working through things. The only thing I would love to see change would have to be the way the school handles certain matters. I feel that they are not always understanding, even when they try to help. Somethings are just moving too fast for them I assume.
Fairview is a tight knit community. Small school size which offers large school opportunities. Blue Ribbon School of excellence award.
I enjoyed Fairview High School but the school lacks diversity. The school has activities but the coaches for sports are very biased. The teaching staff, for the most part, is very invested in the success of the students. Unfortunately, some of the teachers do not get paid nearly enough.
Fairview has prepared me for my continued journey on my educational path. I walk forward knowing that I have become a well rounded individual; partly because of my family life and partly because of my school experience in the Fairview District.
This is a school district with a great personality. The people here are very welcoming and the teachers and administration are very understanding.
Overall a school that has been good for decades. The school is growing a strong program to support students with autism. A lot of administration has been added but there are no new teachers despite the school gaining more students. There are not enough electives available at this time so more students need to be teacher assistants.
Fairview was a little school right by Lake Erie that was like a little family. Everyone knew everyone and the education there is unmatched. I am currently in college and I can confidently say they prepared me for college so well. If you're looking to go here I definitely recommend it.
Great academics and tight-knit community feel! Fairview High School has dedicated faculty members and opportunities for student involvement.
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The teachers took the time to make sure that you understand the material, and if you are not they help you.
The atmosphere at fairview is inviting. The students are intelligent and the teachers are welcoming and friendly. Overall, a very good school for any student.
I really enjoyed the focus on academics at Fairview. The administration and faculty push heavily for every student to succeed. Teachers are very good on the whole, and sports teams bring many students together. One problem with Fairview is trying to be a perfect school. At times, there is an overabundance of pushing students into STEM fields with little mention for other career paths. On the whole, Fairview is an excellent district, graduating students that have the capacity to be successful in whatever they choose to do.
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