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Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Reviews

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I would like to see the school district take better care of their children with special needs or their continuation schools.
There was nothing special about the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District in my twelve years school here. The district often attempted to make change for the better, but not for the students directly. The school bathrooms were always poorly maintained. Teachers are always getting fired and many teachers do not last more than a year teaching in this district. There is drastically room for improvement and I was never fully satisfied with the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.
I didn't have a very good experience in elementary. I was okay in middle school. I loved being at Fairfield high school. As I got older, there was less bullying so school got better.
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I personally liked that Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District provides us with useful technology at the library and even gave every student chrome book to use at School. I think I feel very lucky to be in my Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District and throughout my School Career, it has been a great experience being at School or representing how organized my School district. My School district has not only helped students in their education but also gave students free lunch meals every day so they can eat healthily and stay healthy and strong. I think they do that because of the parent's income is not high enough to the point they can pay for the food each day.
My experience at Fairfield district is very interesting, what I like is the diversity and creativity. If I could see a change it would be in the academic and the way of teachings.
The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District has been with me for many years starting from when I was in elementary school, so I've practically been in this district my whole life. There's a lot of diversity within their schools but they don't care too much about students' health. During the 2018 wildfires, they were very close to us and didn't shut down the school until the Friday of that week, and a lot of students were enraged because it seemed like the district didn't care about their students at all. The teachers of this district vary, but I've had a lot of good teachers because those with experience teach better, while newer teachers seem to be unorganized and all over the place. I do like the people that I've met including the students because I've made a lot of great friends, but I wish they would change their staff because many don't seem to care for the safety of their students.
As an Early College School student in the FSUSD , I would say that the district went the extra mile to ensure that their students were living up to their full potential. Although this district has taught me a lot, I would like it if they made it easier for student clubs to earn more money, rather than input endless restrictions.
Its alright, I don´t really mind the district. Its just that somethings could be better. Teacher are mostly supportive but can learn to understand that students go through a lot. A lot of work can be really stressful if they just learn to balance it might not drive students crazy.
What I likes about this school district was how diverse it was and how much care the teachers and staff had for the kids. However one thing that I would like to see change is the unity of the people.
Overall, FSUSD was average. It could become better if there weren't as many fights and lockdowns at our school.
My experience with the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District can be described as intense. I use this word because I grew up in Fairfield and learned so many within this district. What I learned in this district is that faced with adversity and judgment anyone can overcome. I am the first person in my family to ever go to college and it is all thanks for what the Fairfield- Suisun Unified School District has taught me. This district does have faults, like any of the rest, but these faults are what helped teach generations of future leaders. If you ever get a chance of going to this district you will see the hardworking men and women that help shape the world.
I would like changed would be how the district is handle for getting in trouble like getting suspended over small things. I like the sports though they are intense they are what gives the school somewhat school spirit. I personally play soccer
I have had excellent teachers who are willing to help any way they can. Since I am in the International Baccalaureate program I am required to work closely with my teachers and counselor. I am pleased to say I have always been able to get questions answered and any assistance I may need in a reasonable amount of time.
My last # years with Armijo Highschool I fee could have been better. The reason I say this is because one of my main disappointments is how we (C/o 2018) were the only class that didn't receive Chrome books which was unfair to us because we needed them the most. I also feel like some of the counselors could actually take time to get to know their students and not only call us in when they are forced too.
I have live in FSUSD (Fairfield Suisun Unified School District) my whole life. Being in this district is pretty cool. Yes sometimes we have trouble with the district but other than that, I like being in this district.
I like the people I become to know and make friends with. Also the various people you meet in this area. Everyone is different and comes from a different background. There is a little of everything out here. I would like to see the way teachers care for students change. Most teachers don't have an excitement about teaching they are just here doing there jobs.
The way the teachers taught me is unsatisfactory. They lack the mastery for the topics that they are teaching us. As a result, they often use the internet to gather information during classes. They also look for worksheets in the internet which, most of the time, also provides the answer. Since the students are allowed to use the internet, they, most of the time, finds the answers to the worksheet degrading their understanding on the certain topic.

Most of the students are disrespectful to the teachers, especially substitute teachers. They don't listen to instructions and is always noisy. There have also been cases that they will cut you off in a snack bar line due to impatience.

Most of the School Clubs doesn't do activities with respect to their future careers.

Safety is pretty good here. There are police aroubd the schools. There is also a nearby fire station that coukd respond during emergency.
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There is always that one school that the district loves. Like we know that all our boosters have to raise our own money, but there's that one school that doesn't have to worry about money because they get it from the district. Also our administration only uses our expenses to fix the biggest issues, but not the littlest things like new soaps or fixed locks in the bathrooms. Overall where I go to school is really nice in my opinion because you can always be yourself. Many teachers don't really teach well or at all, but they are there to help students when going through personal problems. One thing I also like is the resources for when looking for a job, scholarships, or colleges and universities and always there to help students stay on track to graduate.
I like that Fairfield High is very involved in the school disasters that have been happening. They support others who have suffered from school shootings as well as let us express how we feel . I would like to change the fact that the teachers they are missing there were many classes who did not have a teacher throughout the whole school year which led to many students not learning what there suppose too.
I had a pretty good experience but know others with awful experiences. It all depends on if they like you and who you end up with.
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