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The teachers are enthusiastic about teaching and always want to push you. There are lots of resources to use. However, some schools certainly need updating and more funding.
I liked the diversity in student population. I love the teaching style of teachers, flexibility to change courses & accessibility to resources . Councilors, Teachers & administration are very helpful
I like the opportunities students have to take honors and AP courses. However, I wish they would stop weighting the related grades as a 4.2 on a 4.0 scale does not tell much about the performance of the student. They could have attempted a few or many AP courses and performed at the B or A level in numerous combinations to arrive at that GPA.
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One of the best school systems. I am grateful to have been a part of it. So many doors have opened up for us since we have become a part of the community. I will miss them terribly once my son graduates.
I’ve lived in Fairfield my entire life, as well as being in the Fairfield public school system. I’ve enjoyed every year of it, and my high school years have been the best. The fluidity of my choices on which classes I can take is very respectable, and the facility are extremely supportive in almost all areas of need.
I enjoy my time there as a student in high school. The teachers were good and so was the way the taught us. The environment of the school was very friendly, very upbeat and you won't be alone if you don't have a friend in your class. However, some of the new safety and disciplining policies are a bit too strict and some teachers have different ways in learning so it might be a bit challenging if you always used to one style of learning
I like the Fairfield School district because it provides students with excellent resources that adequately prepare them for the rest of their lives.
I love how my experience at Fairfield University is going so far. I have learned a lot in the nursing program as well as in my core classes and extracurricular activities. The environment is welcoming and inclusive, and I am proud to be a part of the community.
There are teachers that care about the success of their students. The teachers are very nice as well and are interactive with the students in their class.
Excellent schools! They really go above and beyond to help their students. There are so many options for kids who struggle with school, they really want to make sure you graduate.
It was very much about upholding a good academic standard. If I were to change something it would be to create a more fun environment rather than this strict place where kids have to be the best of the best and the brightest for recognition.
The school due to amazing funds is very well off when it comes to resources and academics however, their is a lack of diversity and integration in the school.
I go to fairfield warde high school and I am currently a sophomore. I have only been in fairfield for two years but so far i’ve had a great experience. I like how teachers are really involved with their students and so are the faculty.
I don't like the fairfield school district. It's very dull and plain. Teachers don't really pay attention to you. The bathrooms and classrooms are a mess as well. Food tastes really bad. Overall just a bad experience.
Have good sports programs and good teachers. Not enough emphasis in getting students to attend top schools
Beautiful nature, opportunities, resources, people and in safe area. Access to the water, Amtrak trains for transportation and in close proximity to NYC.
The K-5 was a great learning experience for my child. So far, he's in middle school and his results, engagement and overall drive for school is excellent.
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The Fairfield School District has a strong commitment to excellence by administrative staff and teachers at all grade levels and the School District has strong support from the Town's leadership.
The teachers are always willing to help and the school system definitely prepares you for college. I have had many great experiences in the school system and do not have much to complain about. Ive made best friends who will be there for life because of this school system
Fairfield school district is great education wise with many unique and new opportunities. Whether it be student exchange trips to Spain, A capella groups or graphic calculators on loan for students. However, there needs to be more toleration of those of different backgrounds and those not as fortunate as others.
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