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School system diversity is represented in all programs, events. students feel welcome and belonging. You may go to the school level staff, administration to get answers to any concerns you may have. The only thing I may bring up for evaluation is the lack of sports participation in the middle school level. We need to maintain our students engaged in positive activities.
Fairfax is an amazing school district, with its high school's ratings top in the state. I go to one of the top schools in the state and I love it. They have money, which is good.
Schools in Fairfax County take school pride very seriously, which makes high school experiences even better because it makes you feel loyal to something. Resources are fantastic and the school staff is extremely friendly. Usually, kids do not want to go and talk to counselors or resource officers, however I love talking to mine. They are all welcoming and actually provide help and make sure that everyone has just what they need and are comfortable. They take student safety very seriously and provide for students who do not have all that they need. They become like a second family.
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The curriculum is competitive, and every student has access to resources. I have two boys in the same school district and they are getting a competitive education.
The school that I attend is a part of the Fairfax County Public Schools, the courses they offer at my school are excellent and there are a diversity to choose from. Although course are very good, the environment is also excellent. There is a lot of diversity at my school.
I am a new student to Virginia and the Fairfax County Public School system. I'm not only surprised at the efficiency of my high school, but I'm pleased with the experiences I have been having thus far. Although my high school, (Oakton High) is under construction, and I am attending school under these circumstances, I know that it will be a beautiful school and an even better place to want to come to learn. The teachers are also above average. They're caring, helpful, and they actually teach the curriculum to students.
I have been going to Fairfax County Public Schools since kindergarten, and the experience has been great. I have always felt safe walking into class, and the high school I go to now is newly renovated and very nice. The teachers seem like they really enjoy teaching, and do very thorough jobs. I learn a lot in school, and there are also a lot of really good extracurriculars that I can participate in. Overall, I have enjoyed going to schools in Fairfax County.
I was fortunate enough to attend Fairfax Country Public Schools from K-12. All three schools I attended were great. FCPS has a large number of resources available for all.
I love this place, I want my kids to grow up here. It shaped me into who I am today, and I value my experience here.
I do acknowledge that this is a very strong school system, we have access to many activities and helpful teachers always willing to assist us. However, I wish that diversity and acceptance were concepts that were pushed more by administration in order to make a more tolerant atmosphere.
I’ve lived in N.Va all my life and have been a part of the FCPS school system my entire academic career. FCPS is one f the wealthiest school districts in the nation, but doesn’t know how to spend its money. The wealthier areas continue to get wealthier, while the poorer communities tend to suffer. The sports and academics however are top notch. Many kids are involved in their community. The environment is very competitive, and it is commonplace to take rigorous courses, play sports, and do clubs. It can be exhausting sometimes, but overall it’s a great way to get involved. The district is very good at listening to its students and making changes.
Fairfax County Schools were overall very good but also had some difficulties with staff that took too long to handle and student issues that never seamed to get resolved.
FCPS schools are very diverse and have the best education. In Virginia, FCPS is one of the best county. I would want to change nothing in FCPS schools because they are the best in education, security and diversity
I love the diversity in the student body and the variety of opportunities to succeed that Fairfax County gives its students. The sheer amount of clubs and students with different views and interests make it easy to find a club or a friend that shares your interests. The only large issue in Fairfax County Public Schools is the pressure that the County places on each student. The amount of homework can be overwhelming and the standardized tests and grading systems can be rigorous at times. However, I feel that these challenges have prepared me extremely well for college and life in the workforce.
I enjoy all the perks that come with going to school at Fairfax County. They give a lot of resources to figure out what students want to achieve in life and a lot of support for these things as well. What I would like to see different is a change in school boundaries as some students complain how far one school is compared to another.
Fairfax public school has a variety of classes I was in classes like cybersecurity , art, and others. However, there are things I would love to change things like the school lunch and the school overall security.
I can say from the start I enjoyed everything about going to school in the Fairfax community. They are so helpful and surving. The teachers always try to do one on one with all the students even if they struggle. They like to do different things and they do more than simply handout a worksheet. The teachers are very help and help students innovate independently.
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I was enrolled in Fairfax County schools from 2nd to 12th grade. While there were times I wished my class was smaller or my teachers were more understanding, I learned a lot. I was constantly pushed to push myself. In my opinion, the pressure I felt from teachers and other students helped me become a harder worker. However, I can understand that others may have felt overwhelmed.
Fairfax County Public Schools are ranked among the highest in the country. With great education and great teachers, the schools all prepare all students for college if that is the path they choose to take. FCPS provides students with all the resources needed to succeed and assists all students in finding the career of their dreams.
My daughter attended Carl Sandburg MS and she had a wonderful experience. All the teachers were excellent--but the Math and Science teachers were especially good--they were well-organized, encouraging to students and knowledgeable. The administration ran the school well; the staff always responded to my requests and questions in a timely manner and they were very courteous.
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