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I have been enrolled at Fairbanks my whole school career. It is a quaint loving farm school with about 100 kids per class. These modest classes allows students to connect on a deeper level with peers and teachers. Subsequently, making it easier to learn because staff members care for each individual student. Furthermore, Fairbanks resides in a small town with a large community. This community has provided ample support in times of need. This year during Easter, they delivered Easter baskets to students door steps; in order to make each and every student feel loved. Even though Fairbanks is small, it is the kind of education where students not only learn the curriculum, but how to live in a community that is considered family.
The school district is fairly small with approximately 1,000 students K-12. We have one campus for all of our school buildings. Our close-knit community is very involved and supportive of our schools. Everyone knows each other and most families have several generations that have attended and graduated from our district.
The teachers and staff work hard to establish good relationships with the students, and make sure that every student's individual learning needs are met.
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In fairbanks there are lots of amazing things. For example the small school takes advantage of its size and interacts with every student and teacher. Your teachers at Fairbanks want to see you succeed even if you dont believe that you can. Like many other schools Fairbanks will always have room to improve. Fairbanks does have a few problems with bullying in the middle school and sometimes the teachers or principle will overlook problems that students report.
I have enjoyed my years at Fairbanks, however I feel as if I’m missing out on opportunities taking certain classes due to the fact it is such a small school. My goal is to major in Biology when I go to college and I wish I could have taken an Anatomy class but we don’t have the resources or the staffing to make that possible. The connections that I have with my teachers are great because it is such a small school but I feel like I have missed opportunities to take classes that will help me in college.
A variety of classes are offered. The teachers are personable. The entire community is so close and supports everyone in positive and rough times!
Fairbanks High School is a great community to be in. The teachers are friendly and you can tell they care about each and every student. All the staff care and look after every student. As you walk through the hallways you can see the smile on kids faces, and the joy they have being at school. The community is a bright and positive place for kids to be receiving their education.
Loved the small feel of the classrooms. Teachers need to be accountable. The School needs to be updated and the cafeteria food needs an overhall
I like how close knit and personal the Fairbanks Local School District is and how involved the teachers are. At the same time, being a rural school, there are limited funds for facilities and programs. This means that there can sometimes be fewer opportunities to get involved in.
I have been attending Fairbanks Local Schools for over 11 years. Over the course of these years I have experienced many different classes and extra curricular activities. Most of the classes have no more than 25 students and around 80-90 students per grade. I have experienced classes such as speech improvement and financial management. Some of the sports I have played are softball and basketball in addition to being a member of Science Club and FCCLA. Although Fairbanks is great in academics our buildings are very dated and need some updating. I believe our school Board is working on updating some small minor things instead of building a whole new building. Overall my experience with Fairbanks has been very good.
Fairbanks H.S. is a small rural school but with a lot of opportunities for kids to get involved. Teachers are very helpful and available for students if needed. I have a son who graduated in 2015 and a daughter who is a Senior. Both have received excellent educations. I would highly recommend this High School to other parents. It's a safe, small school, where most kids all know each other. My kids felt comfortable in the schools environment and made many friends while attending there. Both of my children were involved in many different activities, clubs and sportsee that were offered. Overall, a well rounded school
I went to this school from k-12 and I have a son that graduated. My daughter is currently enrolled here. I love this school because it's small classes and the teachers get to work more with the kids. I love that there is parent/teacher communication.
small school, interactive learning, not a lot of drama, most teachers are excellent, activities are much cheaper than other schools, yet still good.
For a small school district it is pretty diverse but the administration does not care about the issues that relate to race. Even though it was brought to their attention, they allowed students to wear confederate flags to school.
The people at Fairbanks are amazing, they are like a community. The teachers want you to succeed not only in academics, but also in life. I wouldn't have survived in any other school!
The teachers are great and the school has a great learning environment. The are about 95 student per grade. Being a small school allows the student to have a relationship with their fellow students and teachers, this make it easier for students to participate and figure out lessons they did not grasp the first time it was taught. The staff members are fantastic.
I loved the small town community at Fairbanks. I was able to create close relationships with my teachers and classmates and always felt safe and supported by all.
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I think that Fairbanks is a decent school, however there are many flaws in the schooling system. The teachers here are not the best and tend to let others do the majority of teaching (i.e. Videos, documentaries, plagarising presentations). There is hardly any diversity and the majority of students come from a long line of Fairbanks Alumns. There is a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular for students to get involved in, but very limited sports options.
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