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Fabens Independent School District Reviews

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I enjoyed the environment of the district and the support of the clubs and organizations. I also felt the teachers genuinely cared about their students and their success.
What I liked about fabens independent school district is that I was given an opportunity to get a head start on my college education.
I really enjoyed my time at The Fabens Independent School District. I received a very well education, faculty and staff always make you feel at home, and it is a very safe place to be. The Fabens School District opened the doors for me to participate in the early college program, and that is an opportunity not all school districts can give their students. Teachers are passionate about teaching the students to the best of their ability, they make us feel welcome and never like to watch us fail. The Fabens School District is in a very small town, therefore parent and community involvement is attainable. I received much support in my clubs and activities. One issue that i would like to improve is maintenance. Most buildings have no proper heating and cooling.
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My experience in the 14 years I attended a school in the Fabens district is that the teachers in the lower levels truly do care about their students, but once you get to the high school the teachers don’t care whether you pass or not they find every excuse to send you out of the class there is really no sense of the teachers wanting you to get out of this town even though that is pretty much the district motto. Also when it comes To extracurricular activities the board members have so much say in what goes and the board memebers are not their for the good of the community they are their for the good of their sons and daughters so they make irrational desicions to benefit their kids and ultimately ruining the whole experience for the rest of the students.
I really like how Fabens Independent School district has a lot if opputtinities for their students and is a really involved with the community. I would like if the district would favor other departments (especially the arts) more than they do sports. I would also rate a 5 stars if the district would allow the Early College the freedom it previoulsy had, and also considered the needs of those students as well.
My experience in Fabens schools was pretty amazing. I love the schools
Great facility and staff, Fabens would always help me with anything that I need. I even got a scholarship from it. I would really love and come back and become a teacher.I had the 12 years of my life here in Fabens.
Fabens Independent School District opens great opportunities for it's students. The district has a variation of academic activities that encourage students to succeed. The district also offers an early college program, that helps adavance the knowledge of students and beneficial for the parent(s).
I really enjoyed my over all experience and time at Fabens High School. The one change I would love to see at Fabens High School would be better resources for students there. Better resources such as books, calculators computers, even the school itself.
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