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Eureka Community Unit School District No. 140 Reviews

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I love my school. We have many different programs for all different types of students. I am involved in several programs at EHS that I have made many new friends in. I can connect with my teachers and coaches as well as connect with my teammates and peers.
I really loved the community atmosphere and the positive influence of the faculty and staff. I am now a student at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. I feel that Eureka High School, and the Eureka district in general, prepared me fully for college curriculum. I was also given many opportunities take dual credit classes at the local community college, as well as partake in many leadership opportunities through athletics and clubs (volunteering).
Eureka provides its students with countless opportunities. It is a very community oriented school with a great learning atmosphere.
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Overall, it was a decent experience. I felt I legitimately learned what I was supposed to, and the faculty was always there when I needed them. However, the faculty is clearly biased with a lot of students, including the assistant principal. A teaher saw one of my friends handing another kid chapstick and assumed it was drugs and reported both of them to the assitant principal. The coaches also are crazy biased. Five baseball players, and myself, quit the team because we were constantly being picked on by the coach. It was apparent there were favorites. The teahers are always there for you when you need them. One teacher is well known for answering questions about pregnancy when girls get pregnant at my school. Another is known just for being one of the guys. Overally EHS isn’t a negative place. It has it’s downfalls just like anywhere else, but i had a good experience attending there.
I loved my experience at Eureka High School. I was thankful to be in a school district where teachers and students cared about academics. My teachers were caring and very knowledgeable in their subjects. Although some classes were tough, I know I am prepared for college. Whenever I needed help in my courses, teachers were more than happy to assist me. I am also grateful for the plentiful opportunities I was presented with. Although it is a relatively small school, there are many activities for students to involve themselves in. The sports teams are very competitive and it makes for interesting games. Many students come out to support the sports teams, and it shows the Eureka school spirit. Nearly every student seems to be involved in something around the school. The variety of students in each club allow students to meet fellow classmates who they may have never interacted with before. Looking back to my high school experience, I am blessed with everything I was given while at EHS.
Time in the Eureka school district was great. The teachers are wonderful, the atmosphere is great, and it left me prepared for college and life outside of school.
Throughout time at Eureka School District 140, you see the administration in a different way. You see how "power-hungry" they are and the policies they make and how ridiculous they are.
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