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Eufaula City Schools Reviews

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I enjoy Eufaula online school very much. I started a year ago and I haven't had any issues. I highly recommend.
Eufaula City schools was an all around great school system the teachers are very helpful and kind, but i would like to see the disciple change but other than that i don't see anything.
I’ve been attending Eufaula city schools since preschool. Over the years I’ve experienced some very caring and loving staff. Eufaula city schools is a great place to bring your child for schooling. It’s a very safe environment for you child also.
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My school focuses on getting us the education that we need and they make it fun while doing so. My experience at this school has been the most amazing school experience I have had.
Eufaula City Schools is an excellent system regarding public education in Alabama. I physically do not go to school, I participate in virtual education. However, my teachers constantly email me, call me, quiz me, and understand any need that I may have. My teachers are extremely supportive and knowledgeable about this program and are always ready to answer questions. They are patient and realize that online education is just as important.
My experience has been great . I started Eufaula City Schools at the age of 4. My teachers were very professional and they taught the students and I well. I appreciate everything Eufaula City Schools has done for. I would highly recommend these schools because they do not discriminate. It is a positive place for learning. It is so amazing to the point where you feel at home.
Eufaula City Schools is a decent school system that offers a community-based learning experience for students. The staff is usually well-trained and professional (with a few exceptions) and the curriculum is standard. It could be a bit more challenging and adaptable for those students who don't learn like others. The infrastructure could be greatly improved across the board, as there have been no improvements in a long time. I grew up in the ECS system, and there wasn't a lot of clubs/organizations to get involved with besides sports--that could be an improvement.
What I like about Eufaula City Schools is that they keep me educated and occupied.At Eufaula city schools we are always having programs that you can got to and participate in. Eufaula city schools make sure that us kids are always educated and that we have a little fun with being educated. What I think should change is the lunch because it is disguisting and it makes my stomach hurt everyday and I think or be old sometimes. If i could do something to change that is to get fast food resturants.
Teachers are attentive and motivated. Monthly out-of-school activities. Never have had a problem with school. Very pleasant and smooth experience.
In the Eufaula City School system you are recognized for who are as a person. Administration address students who causing problems to others who don't get into any trouble at school.
I love the family atmosphere of Eufaula City Schools. Honestly I can't think of anything to change because everything is so great!
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