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I've been going to this school since my freshman year and it's great. The teachers are involved with helping the students learn and understand the subjects their teaching. School counselors meet up with students to help them join the correct classes that are right for them. They also help us prepare for college and help us with our choice of career for the future.
Essex High School was an unforgettable experience, as high school should be. The teachers went out of their way every day to make sure their students got the most out of the learning that was going on therein. I did not feel as prepared for my college courses as I hoped, but EHS was an overall good experience.
There are many quality educators in this district but if you are living in poverty or have a child with special needs they are systematically having huge issues around equity and inclusion. Every building in everyschool. If you have money, and are not from any other diverse population, you will be fine and your children will get a high quality education.
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I really like how Essex Westford School District has a huge amount of education possibility and a bunch of classes. I don't like some of the new changes they have made. For example, I don't like how they have gotten rid of busing for Essex Town students and changed Tuesdays scheduled to be shorter.
I Have had a very positive experience int the Essex Westford School District i have been part on many athletic teams. there is so many opportunities.
Essex High School is great. They offer fun classes that keep you engaged in school, and there are a wide variety of clubs that you can join. Our sports teams do well every year and we are all very supportive of every sports team. Go Hornets!
EHS has a good variety of AP classes. There are lots of opportunities for those who are interested in music (bands, chorus, orchestra) or theater. EHS is academically strong and routinely wins academic competitions like scholars’ bowl or math league. The sports teams are among the best in the state.
I really like the teachers that I have had over academic career in Essex. They have been very helpful in helping me find what I am interested in as well as challenged me. I have grow so much. One thing I could say would be to improve the foreign language department, it is alright, but it could be better.
The Essex Westford School District is one of the best districts in the state of Vermont. It has many interesting courses and the Teachers all seem to enjoy helping their students succeed. The courses are very liberal and want to make each students education very well-rounded. There are arts courses, math courses about taxes and stocks, science courses about criminal investigation, and English classes about public speaking and Shakespeare. The way that the course selection is set up is to get all students to take at least one class in these various areas of schooling.
My science teacher once marked me absent because I was exactly one minute late to class, and dropped my grade a letter when I missed one assignment. The grading here is much too harsh, a 70 at any other Vermont school would equal a C grade, but here at EHS a 70 is an F.
The Essex Westford School District is a very safe and welcoming environment! Its academics and faculty are amazing, along with a fabulous school spirit that is embodied throughout the high school especially.
Essex has a great school system that sets students up for success. The schools have a great reputation around the state for being great for academics and sports. Lunches are a little short at 25 minutes, including passing time. The only other weird thing is the grading system. A 70 is required to pass a class, thus the GPA of Essex students in high school are deceiving. A 91 converts to a 3.1 at our school.
I have been a student at this school district for nine years. I have had great experiences with both students and teachers and I feel that it has prepared me well for college. I feel challenged, there is a variety of classes and clubs to be a part of, regardless of your interest, and for Vermont, it is among the top school districts.
The district as a whole is excellent. Teachers are engaging. Students have a very wide choice of programs. Something for every student. The only issue I have experienced at Essex is conflicts between band and sports. It is very difficult for a student to participate in both. I feel the students are receiving a top notch education.
All the teachers are so nice and helpful. The food in EHS is so delicious and healthy. I'm really glad to go Essex Tech Center program. I learned a lot there and I feel very proud that I got to participate in Engineering and Architecture Design program. When I started going to tech program I felt like I'm really closer to reach my goals/dreams.
The high school provided excellent opportunities to work in the community through the STEM program. Technology was current and made available to students. I would recommend more field trips in the elementary and middle school years (particularly at the middle level for science and social studies) to motivate students and make more connections to the community.
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