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The teachers all definitely try their hardest to teach us and really do care. Unfortunately, school policies and district agendas prevent us from really feeling prepared for college.
It think Espanola Public Schools could be great if they focused more on education rather than what kind of uniforms and equipment the basketball teams get. I also think it would be better if the administration kept personal agendas out of their work life. The focus should be on good education and getting the students to graduate. People allow politics get in the way of giving the students a real chance at a good education. I honestly think the only reason some these students actually learn anything or get anywhere is because of their willingness to work hard or because some of the teachers refuse to let a student down by not actually educating them. The teachers don't give up on students and I believe that really helps. The administration needs to make students futures and education first.
New facilities are needed throughout the district. While I was attending high school at Espanola Valley High school, I was never pleased with the level of education. I always felt that some of the teachers within the district decided to tailor their study plans to my peers abilities, which was lower than students who wanted to be taught more, like myself. The only teachers that helped teach me more and did not change their level of course work were the history teachers.
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Overall, it's alright, but the safety and certain values of the school I believe are off. Drugs and alcohol are widespread, security is low, and the academic value is even lower.
They public schools in Espanola have gotten worse. The district builds a football field but doesn't have enough money to get books for the school. There are so many teachers who have left the school as well.
I've been part of Espanola Public Schools for 12 years and I like the teachers I've had throughout these years. They were nice and caring. What I'd like to see change in the system is focusing more on the education for us student's and to keep everything on track.
I attended Espanola public schools from grades K-12 and have had a positive educational experience. I have received a good education and have done good on placement tests, ACT, etc. There are good teachers, some with whom I still remain in contact with to this day. There were not many clubs or activities I remember but there were a couple. Sports were very important to the community, and had good support.
I had a good experience at EPS but I would like to see that academics are more of a focus. Many instructors at EPS are on a temporary basis and in my opinion this causes a detriment to students academic achievements.
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