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Escondido Union High School District Reviews

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My experience at Escondido Union High School district would be that everyone is freimdslt and it’s very easy to make new friemdsa no matter what background you come from there will always be a place for you here. In addition tot bag the teachers are kind and make sure you are able to ask questions comfortably.
I like how the district is always there to keep us save and stay on track. I would the district to not make decisions for us rather than listening to us and then making the decision for all teenagers.
I don't have an issue with my school district, I think that it is really good overall. They have hired really good teachers at my school, whom care about all of the students education. If there is one thing that I would change, then it would be funding for certain programs. I feel like we should get more money at my school so that we can have more education and college preparation clubs/workshops.
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My district is great. I wouldn't change a thing. The students are kind. The teachers help you with things like college. The sports are good. Some sports are in the higher division which means they're pretty good. Students are focused with their work and always trying to get their best grades.
I learned a lot and enjoyed my time in high school. However I would like to see more involvement by parents in school activities as well as more care for students both under performing and scholarly.
Its good that we have a continuation school here in our school district. Valley High school is the school I attend to. Its basically a second chance, so I appreciate the school district giving students another opportunity to a better future.
It is nice to see that both students and parents are able to be heard and involved in the decision making process of the Escondido Union High School District. My friends and their families are frequently at the board meetings to speak up about issues that they wish to change. Something that I would like to see changed is the way academics is approached and implemented within the school.
Escondido Highschool wasn't a bad school and I definitely had some memorable times there. I believe a lot could have been done differently and the academics and teaching coul have been a lot better than it was.
Escondido High has been a very positive experience due to the FFA program that the school has to offer, with the on site school farm I was able to incorporate real life experiences, with raising livestock for the past 4 years I learned time management, how to manage expenses, record keeping and how to bring the community aware of our school produce market. I will truly look back on Escondido Union High School District with admiration for the efforts they take to keep this program in place.
They don't communicate well with their teachers. They also don't distribute their money well. As for not giving teachers a contract or good enough pay.
I'm an accomplished student from San Pasqual High School in Escondido, which is by far the very best high school in the district, so my opinion stands alone for San Pasqual. Over the course of 4 years at San Pasqual students have the ability to partake in around 30 different on campus clubs, multiple division 1 or 2 sports including football and mens volleyball, both of which I played, and take, in my opinion, the very best classes with amazing teachers. There are over 20 different AP classes offered at SP, and I've taken a total of 12. As MVP of the Varsity football team in the 2017-18 season and Team Captain and leader of the men's volleyball team, I can assure that our coaches and players here are a passionate, inseparable family that is very close.
The Escondido Union High School District offered a comfortable, education focused, and spirited community. San Pasqual High School exceeded almost every expectation you would have regarding a public school. Large population with diversity, a lot of opportunities for students to get involved with the school, and faculty who went above and beyond to care for their students. You know you loved your high school when you would pay to go back for a day and relive it all again.
The schools in this district were not concerned with the well-beings of the students. The school I went to was not at all diverse, and it was very difficult to find people like me around school which often times made me feel alone and separated. Although the administration on campus were not very involved with the student body, there were some teachers and staff that did come across as caring about how they affected their students. School atmosphere was okay, I didn't care too much for the academics at the school, other than a few of the teachers.
My experience is very good. However the food is very bland and at times it is very hard and sadly I have to throw it away. I also don't like the way this school year, with the bells and such changed for my high school. I will tell my friend that the district itself is very nice just that food is a big priority to change.
One change that I want to see is there should be all gender restrooms at schools. There are people who can help you with college applications.
My over experience has been great! Every time I've called the district or the school they have been able to help or direct me to some one that can.
Mu Freshman year was pretty good for the most part but what I would like to see changed is the food because it really is good at all I would also like to change some of the teachers because some swear at their students which is not appropriate what so ever.
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The Escondido Union High School District has been the only district that I have known throughout my school experience. Although, like everything else in the world, it is not perfect. The district is very good overall. Anyone will feel welcomed into the district no matter their background. The district handles difficult situations very well and represents themselves as a strong, hardworking community.
The school district seems a little to basic. World History is behind 10 years. Teachers can barley teach.
What I like about the district is that you have the choice to go to any high school in the district that you would like to go but what I don't like about the district is that they are not strict enough so most people don't really care if they do something wrong.
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