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Escalon Unified School District Reviews

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Very sports oriented. Relatively safe campus. Not bad for a small town high school, and the middle school was good. Elementary schools vary by location, but the rural ones have good people.
My experience at EHS was so great. I was very involved in the school with sports and going to many fun school activities. There was a lot of school spirt. Parents were involved in a lot of the things going on at the school. There are many interesting new classes like computer programming and the new first responder class. They are getting there in getting students college and career ready. Academics were pretty good and the teachers and administrators are always helping the students get on the right path. Some things that I would like to see change would be the administration being more involved in school activities you can tell that they play favorites in what they like to go to and some clubs and sports feel left out.
I wasn't always at Escalon High School. I moved to Escalon half way through sophmore year and all I can say is that I felt like I belonged. The stuents there made me feel welcomed. I thought it would be intimidating to go to a new school but on my first day I make a lot of friends. From then on I wainvolved in the community like volunteering at the middle school and elementry school. I participate in numerous of clubs like Interact, GSA, HYLC, FHF, CSF, Art club, and Photo club. The teachers there are all wonderful and care about their students future. There are some teachers that come to school way before it starts so that students can come get help if gthey don't have time to do so after school. They are also there for us during our lunch break and after school. Escalon high school is a close knitted school in a welcoming neighborhood.
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The atmosphere and teaches are very inviting, and the student body is very welcoming. Although I do wish there was more of a focus on the arts and a wider range of AP classes.
Escalon is a nice school. Everyone is nice and everyone knows everyone because it is a small town. It’s not very diversed at our school. We could improve in our sports department but our teachers are very nice and are eager to help us improve in our academics.
I do not like the lack of educated teachers and lack of teachers that actually want to be there. Seems when we have a good teacher they are fired the following year. I also do not like how the counselors are so under staffed and have too many kids to be able to do their job. Also I feel the way they teach is boring and doesn't keep out attention
I was only in the Escalon Unified School district for about 8 years being fifth grade through high school. It was a great experience and I was able to be my own person. I think that having such a high value on school along with sports made me the person I am today. If it weren't for sports I would have never been able to make as many friends or have an external motivator to do well in class. Overall this district was amazing the only thing that I would like to see added to it is the counselors ability to help student plan for after high school. For many student they often get stuck going to junior colleges or drop out of college all together.
Escalon High school is a place the I consider a safe environment. It has excellent teachers. All of the students and including me are will to achieve their goals after highschool. Teachers and consulers make sure each student is getting good grades.
At Escalon High School, most of the teachers are so nice, but some are just pushy. I think Escalon High is a great learning place.
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