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Epic One-on-One Charter School Reviews

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I personally like epic if you want to be self-reliant. If you love to do what you want to do when you want to do then epic if for you. Epic is very customizable to your schedule.
It was a very good experience as I had never did online schooling before but my teacher was very attentive and aware. It was like I was in person and she was very kind about me getting used to learning online over the web. Overall it was a terrific experience and I would do it again if I could.
Great for students who are able to work alone. Excellent for students who have a busy schedule or people under 21 who want to receive their diploma.
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I absolutely love it! I can go at my own pace, and if I do need help, they are always there ready. It’s amazing. The teachers are really nice and work with you to get the education you need. You meet with your teacher so they can check up on you, but for the most part it’s pretty easy and fun. If you prefer quiet environments, and your home is that place, or even outside, this is your go-to school for sure!
I have had a very good experience with Epic Charter Schools. I have had so many more opportunities while enrolled. Including graduating a year early. I highly recommend EPIC to everyone who is an Oklahoma resident. It's curriculum is more advanced and keeps students on their toes always learning new things. Before I started at EPIC I was behind in my learning; but now I am ahead and in the top 10% of my class!
I love the fact the Epic gave me the opportunity to graduate high school, even though i have a one year old daughter. Epic has helped me further my education since day one!
I love that I have the opportunity to do plenty of classes. Especially since I dont have to pay for all the expenses. School supplies (like laptops and calculators) are so expensive so I'm very happy my family doesn't have to pay. Although they have plenty of classes and dual credit courses they dont have any sports so not many plan to switch over. I've tried getting my friends to since it's a better opportunity but they always decline because Epic doesn't have sports.
Working at my own pace was very nice. I loved the freedom it gave me. Online classes are also very comfortable since you are able to do them from your own home.
I just recently enrolled in Epic in March and I absoluetly love it. I love that I can learn at my own pace. I wish they offered sports like the traditional schools.
I love Epic because I have full control over what classes I want to take and it's very affordable. Epic gives each student a yearly learning fund to spend on any school-related resources, so I don't spend anything for school. I have also had an amazing teacher who has gone the very farthest to help me succeed. Among other things, I have been able to take college concurrent classes, using the learning fund. Most of all, my favorite thing about doing Epic is how close I've been able to become with my mom and grandma. I spend more time with them than ever before now that I do Epic.
I loved epic. My first 2 years of high school I was really struggling in school and I didn’t know what to do next. Once I joined epic my life changed. My grades improved so much and I felt very happy about my progress the teachers are amazing also and I know that when I need help they will help me
I would like the school to be more open with the kids about what's going on when events happen or class field trips or school event
Easy work and very helpful staff teachers know what they are doing and the courses are not crazy difficult great home school
I like the fact that I can learn from home--anytime and at my own speed. Sometimes the administration could be a little faster in getting back with you, but overall, I would recommend it to anyone who is an independent worker. I have had two teachers, and they have been great to work with.
Epic gave a different alternative to public school, which allowed me to focus at a different level and graduate high school a year early and jump start my college courses.
Epic Charter Schools was a wonderful experience in my life. I was able to work independently on a computer and finish early if I desired. The only drawback was the level of communication to reach someone in the office and get the necessary answers I needed to my questions.
The school is very good at working with students and their particular needs. They also use the funding they receive for each student to help the student pursue things that they want to instead of spending it without their knowledge. Epic Online Charter schools offers hundreds of different course options and even dual enrollment.
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I had a very good experience at this school. I was able to work at my own pace and was even able to test out of a grade. The academics are very good and you can prepare yourself for college, as AP courses are offered.
I love Epic because it allows me to have freedom and plan my own schedule. Having this freedom, I have developed the ability to have self-discipline and study skills. I believe that these skills are important in furthering my education through attending college.
They help with one on one help. They also had a amazing gradution. My favorite part is its just like normal school they have prom and school dances.
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