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ESD does nothing to encourage students to excel. The attitude of the admin is to ignore anything bad. They do not try to lift students up, they bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. My honor roll daughter could not get into Washington State Univ without taking a private math class because ESD did not teach basic college entry math. Financial management is horrible. They pass a huge levy to build a new elementary and add on to the high school. No review was done on the bid and so the high school add-on could not be completed to what they sold to the voters. The school board in its push to get more students gave away $54M to a developer that they didn't have to give away. Class sizes average 25-30 students per teacher. I volunteered at the schools and 70% of the teachers are just there to collect a paycheck and outrageous benefits. They don't teach, they pass out assignments and tell the students to google the answers. Not enough room to fully express my displeasure.
What I like about the Enumclaw School District is that they are a school district that wants to have many things for the students to do after school.
I have enjoyed all the years of education I have received at Enumclaw School District beginning from kindergarten to my senior year 2020! Although we are all going through a very different graduating year, Enumclaw has done an exceptional job keeping us seniors included and celebrated. I am proud to be a part of the Enumclaw educational system and community! I am prepared to begin my BSN program fall 2020 at Pacific Lutheran University in WA.
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Enumclaw's a great place, there's a teacher for each learning type! From those who can't focus, to those who feel compelled to have straight A grades. There is a great program in place for fine arts, preformance arts, and CTE classes. The core classes are very hands on, and students often times have options on what they take that is still a subcategory of the main core class. As for the construction of the High school, it is designed after a community college, giving it a calm, and mature feel for the upperclassmen. Unfortunately, as for incoming freshmen, they're not used to it as the middle schools revolve primarily around the younger students. The students and staff of Enumclaw are very respectful to one another, making the school district a community.
One of the things that I love about this school is the small town atmosphere that it has. I feel a sense of belonging that I hadn’t at other schools as there is not as much pressure put on fitting in. Although there are some strong beliefs about modern day opinions and what should be accepted, I think that overall Enumclaw is full of good people!
I've grown up and attended schools in this district for my entire life. The extra-curricular activities and arts programs are by far the best part about this school, as whichever program you find yourself to take part in will be a caring community of people all dedicated to the betterment of the program. I wish it were easier to get counseling help for any reason, including planning for college, but besides that, this is a great school.
It is a wonderful school district, it is the perfect mix of urban and suburban. The only thing that should be changed is the recycling program, as well as the options for honors and advanced classes for those that are more above. ( more specifically at EHS) As a freshman, I know I could go more above than I am offered. They only have one AP class for freshmen. other than this, the rest of the system is amazing. The teacher are super supportive and they care.
Everything about this school is spectacular. Everyone is so supportive and so welcoming. The teaching is a little above average. The food is alright. Not the Best. But If I could go back for another year I 100 percent would! I love EHS!
My high school years were spent during the construction of a new building. After the building was finished school seemed to lack a community feel. The school was not bad, and I had many teachers who were great, some who were not. The drama program was something I was very involved in, and I would definitely give it a ten out of ten.
Emumclaw Senior High is a great school to go to, most teachers are excellent, the culture is excepting and the advisors really want to help you succeed. The flaws of the school is there lack of diversity and the minimal stem based clubs.
My experience was good! I really enjoyed myself all my four years. The school gave me plenty of friends, and wonderful teachers!
I loved my experience here. The teachers were friendly and helped you if you didn't understand the material. I loved the sports program here. I did almost all of the sports and I thought they were all so fun and including.
Enumclaw School District is very connected to the community. From Friday night football games that it seems the whole town attends to food and blood drives. The sports programs are top notch. The one thing that should change is the administration in regards to special cases regarding grade changes and teacher-student issues.
ESD is a kind community of students and staff who care about the quality of their education. The leadership and ASB groups are very welcoming and enthusiastic about their peers. However, for a student that excels in school there is not much of a challenge as classes are taught based on the average academia skill. Students who are above grade level do not have many options aside from AP classes which are really only offered to upperclassmen. The school district itself is heavily populated by white students and there are little to no classes offered that teach students about diversity or social issues. These issues are rarely talked about and the school does not provide the students with resources to learn about them. Aside from these critiques, the school district is very kind and welcoming. I was provided many resources in terms of the running start program and had teachers that went above and beyond my expectations to help me better myself in every way.
I had many great memories that I wouldn't change for anything, but there are for sure a couple of things I would like to see change. Certain members of the staff come to mind when I think about how we need some new teachers/staff who care about the students, and their success.
Enumclaw high school is a very special place. Here the teacher care not only about the students academic success but their personal lives too. They are very supportive of a students hobbies and sport activities.
My experience in the Enumclaw School District has been wonderful ! All the teachers I've had throughout my years of attending have been well understanding of their students and respectable towards different learning processes.
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i love enumclaw high school that is where i met my boyfriend great school really big lots of kids and really great classes and teachers
The Enumclaw School District is very excellent. I have been there since I was in the 6th grade and it has provided me with more opurtinituies than my previous district.Our sports teams and clubs are amazing and we have many different programs. It is a wonderful school district.
The Enumclaw school district provided me with an impactful K-12 experience. This was especially because of the teachers; each educator was genuinely invested in their students. I personally chose to challenge myself in school, and Enumclaw had classes that allowed me to do so.
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