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Emerson-Taylor School District Reviews

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My school district has shaped me into the person I am now. They have helped me grow not only mentally but physically.
I enjoy the close knit relationships that small schools have to offer. Emerson has provided so many friendships. In a small school, you know everyone. It's nice to know everyone and be able to call everyone at this school a friend.
Emerson-Taylor School District is a great school. The teachers actually take the time to make sure you child is learning. Teachers make sure that your child is ready for college. Graduating from Emerson High School was this easiest thing ever. I already knew what my next step in life was, with the help of my teachers and counselor.
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I graduated from Emerson High School in 2015. When I left, the school was great. We had just got a new building, and there weren't many students there, so it was great. I loved my teachers and classmates. After graduating, I felt extremely prepared for the college life.
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