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Elsberry R-II School District Reviews

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Attending Elsberry High school showed me what school shouldn't be like. The teachers create more drama than the students. There is no discipline for students or staff. We were taught by on line videos not the teachers and when you ask for help you get attitude if they agree to help you. The school makes it impossible to transfer from one school to a next because to graduate you only need 23 credits to graduate where as any of the surrounding schools require 32 credits to graduate. This school needs shut down and isn't doing any of the students any good and the counselor doesn't hep set you up for the future she just does the bare minimum.
Elsberry R-II is a very small school, there many good things about going to a small school, but there are also some down falls like when you leave high school everything is so much bigger.
Elsberry was where I grew up and was home to me. I loved the down home feel the school has and how the school is located in the middle of an ag community.
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There is almost no diversity at this school. Not all teachers are serious about their jobs. Most teachers inly give good grades to their "favortites". Some teachers if you turn in an assignment to them and the teacher loses it, then that teacher counts it as a zero in the gradebook. Very unfair
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