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I have grown up in Elmore County schools. I have enjoyed being in each of them. It was exciting to be the first 3rd class at Airport Road Intermediate School and to have my hand print on the wall. There were always clubs or activities to be involved in. I loved all my teachers. Now that I'm in high school I'm still involved in clubs and activities. I would recommend to anyone that Elmore County Schools are awesome.
My school really wants the students to succeed. The teachers want to be there and really help students be the best they can be.
Elmore County High School gave me the best high school experience i could have ever had. Because of it being a small school, I was able to grow up with all my classmates from grade school. We were all tight-knit community. The teachers deeply cared about their students, not just about their school-life, but their home-life as well. Teachers and administrators went out of the way for their students. I was definitely more prepared for college than some of my other friends who did not attend Elmore County High School. I highly recommend Elmore County High School for any prospective parents to send their children!
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Small town makes for less opportunities, but there is a lot of the small town feel to it, making it easier on people who are newcomers and haven't lived there their entire lives, cliques don't happen as much or to the degree as they tend to in some larger high schools.
I have gone to Wetumpka since I was in kindergarten and since then my experience has been great. The people are mostly nice, there is a variety of classes to choose from, and plenty of extracurricular activities.
Elmore County Schools have their ups and downs as do most schools. As they strive in one area, they lack in another. But, i can say they are slowly trying to progress and that's all you can really ask for.
My experience at Elmore County Schools was well and very enjoyable. There were plenty of opportunities to do extracurricular activities and classes could be challenging but were fun.
The staff provides the student with adequate care. They go above and beyond to make sure all parents and students are taken care off. They teach us what family should be like.
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