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Elmore City-Pernell Public Schools Reviews

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The academics needs a major change. The athletic program is sub-par, but, the coaching staff is great in baseball and basketball. The student body is enjoyable, and has a very good skill of letting new people in. The community is great along with the people in it. Very supportive in all aspects of the school, unlike a lot of the other schools around the area.
Elmore City - Pernell Public School is the best school anyone could ever go to. From the amazing administration to the most caring and helpful teachers, Elmore City - Pernell Public School is the best!
Well as a ECPHS student this school system holds a very dear place in my heart, but it does have some faults. Elmore City-Pernell schools is very traditional and hates to see constructional change. Our administration and teachers barely focus on college and getting us ready for this huge life milestone. I hope to see some improvements in the future.
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Elmore City is a very small school. Everyone knows everyone so if you ever need anything just about anyone would be willing to help you out. Also, because it is such a small school you get to build a great relationship with your counselor and other administrators. Elmore City may not offer as many courses as other school, but if you are interested in a class that is not available they do offer online courses as well as concurrent classes you can take.
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