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We as a community need to come together and challenge out students, truly prepare them for the future
Going to Elmira High School was a great experience for me. Counselors really keep you involved and make sure you are taking classes that push you and prepare you for college. Being linked with Corning Community College lets you graduate with a ton of college credits that can mostly transfer.
Elmira High School gets a lot of put downs by people in neighboring towns, however Elmira High is extraordinarily better than its reputation gives it credit for. We lead our neighboring towns in academics, arts, and athletics.
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I loved my high school. Every second of it. Why? This school wasn't only where all my elementary and middle schools friends went but where i have met the most amazing and dedicated teachers. Any teacher I had at Elmira high school became very close to me. They were more than understanding, helpful, intelligent and very insightful about our futures. I had great grades, hard classes that took a lot of time but there wasn't never a time I couldn't get help. The only thing that really needed to change was the behavior of some students that just didn't care. But the good thing is in this school was that the teachers more than the administration had a big influence on the students.
I loved the music program. Other than that it wasn't for me. If they had more funding for the music, theater and art programs then things could have been different. The things we could have done with the talent we had was just wasted. It would have help me in my career if we had the opportunity, instead I learned many thing I'll never need or use.
I attended Notre Dame High School which is part of the Emlira City School District. I felt this school really supports their students and pushed them to challenge themselves in a positive way.
the Elmira city school district is a wonderful school district to learn and accomplish many goals. they have helped succeed in many ways and the teachers there are phenomenal.
I enjoyed my high school experience because the class sizes were perfect and almost all my teachers were organized and helpful throughout the years. They had great activities for the students to be involved in and it was a safe environment for others and myself,
Good sports programs. There should be a larger focus on academics, though. The district has been implementing new plans to improve this issue.
Elmira high school has great academic choices, makes sure you're on track to graduate, and it has a great music department. Teachers at Elmira high school never give up on you.
The Elmira City School District is an amazing district to send your kids to. The district offers many of programs, from their state of the art News studio in the high school to their health program to make sure every student is provided for in their health. The district goes above and beyond to make sure students suceed in healthy enviroments.
I'm a senior in Lewiston High School. I am a president of international club in Lewiston High School. I am an asylum seeker, which is on good process now . I love to change the community by making it more divers and more peaceful. I work with kids for two years at Tree Street, in Lewsiton, Maine
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