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This school district is good, no doubt. Especially compared to many other districts in Wisconsin. It has among the highest amount of NMS by percentage of school population, and prepares students for a variety of post secondary options. Though some aspects are certainly average, the holistic experience is one unparalleled in Wisconsin. Great district and go Spartans!
Great academics and good sports. Very good teachers to go along with a system to help students succeed.
This district allows for you to pick classes you want to challenge you and prepare you for college. Our school sends out surveys to ask us how we feel about changes and many students have complained about that last few yet nothing has changed. For example, something called “lancer link” has been instituted and nobody likes it. They changed up our lancer block to where you have to request where you go the night before instead of being able to decide the day of. Next year, we are getting rid of early release which is going to put a strain on us. Getting off an hour early on thursdays is something students look forward too, especially in high school. Thursday is a day students use to catch up on homework or study hall or take that extra hour to relax. It is something I and many other students take for granted and now are realizing how much it mean to us. It is a mental and physical break we get and my senior year I know will be draining without it and I am scared.
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These schools offered a wide range of diversity. I was friends with black people, Chinese people, and Asian people. It was interesting to learn about their culture and where they came from instead of being surrounded by just white Americans. The academics at each level I feel prepared me for the next level of schooling. But I feel like In high school they over stressed some things. One was Cornell notes. I always did Cornell notes in science classes in high school and teachers encouraged us to always do our notes in that style. I am now a junior in college and I have not used Cornell notes since I’ve been in college. Teachers don’t even look over notes. The note taking method is up to the students discretion. As long as they understand it. Next is cursive writing. Most people use print to take notes, take exams, etc. The only time I use cursive is when I’m signing my name. I feel like all throughout elementary and middle school my teachers over stressed those aspects.
I am overall very pleased with how the Elmbrook School District has raised me to be a fine student. Over the years, I have been challenged mentally in being prepared to face college and the real world. This has all been thanks to the excellent open staff and faculty members. The environment that surrounds five out of the 10 schools I have been to, has been very friendly and open.
The course range that is offered is excellent. There's an abundance of clubs and sports so everybody can find something they enjoy. The teachers are not only kind but make learning fun (in most cases). I feel safe going to school every day knowing the people in the building want the best for me. Student services is always helpful, answering any questions I may have.
I really learned a lot during my time in the Elmbrook School District. I think I could have been better prepared for the rigorous college courses and the time management involved.
I moved to Wisconsin a few years ago and began high school in the Elmbrook School District. I think the district is really active and focuses on what the students want/need. The community is really involved with Elmbrook school district and I have found my time as a member of the community to be really enjoyable. All staff that is a part of the district strive for kids to be their best and really help us excel. Everyone has a smiling face and I am greeted everyday by the staff which makes my day better.
I like the college prep attitude but some of the teachers are poor. There could be better lunches as well.
This school district is very into providing their students with a top flight learning experience. Weather this be hiring staff who are incredibly talented, providing resources available no wear else, or partnering with community leaders to provide experiences for their students Elmbrook does it all.
I don't like how little diversity there is in terms of ethnicities. There's too many white people (I'm white) and I feel that we are missing out on diverse viewpoints.
Elmbrook Schools are second to none in every aspect. The teachers, faculty, students, athletics, and academics are all among the best in the state. I have been the Elmbrook School District my whole educational life and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Hi love I’m nick Walrath and I’m there #1 autisic student
And i love there schools
And I want to win 1000 Dollers
Technology and tools are used in almost every classroom to help teach and learn. The teachers all seem to care about the students' education, and put in a lot of effort to get ideas across. Individual meetings with teachers are always encouraged. A downside is that the schools utilize block-scheduling to increase the amount of time spent in each class and decrease the number of hours spent on school work outside of school by having longer meeting times, but the homework load remains the same. The work load that students get is still large, though block-scheduling is designed to remedy that and reduce the number of hours that kids spend doing school work.
Really good staff. Brookfield isn't exactly a diverse place though, so if you're looking for diversity you won't find it here. The academics here are top-notch and the sports are even better.
I like how the district is committed to preparing its children for college. It is student centered and there are numerous outlets for students to find help. However, I would like more diversity in the student body and a sports program that isn’t focused on who-knows-who basis, but on a skills, character, and perseverance factors.
I love the district I’m in truthfully because of the people who makes up it. Everyone is nice and friendly and makes it feel like a big family. I’ve seen the district grow and improve throughout the years of being in it and I can tell the school board really cares for the students and their families.
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There was too much pressure on teachers to give students an A. There were many times where someone clearly did not put in adequate effort for the grade they received, but administration would pressure teachers to give them a good grade regardless.
The Elmbrook School District is an amazing place and definitely one of the top districts in the state! Home to some of the best high schools in the state, the Elmbrook school district offers its students only the best in teachers, supplies and opportunities for advancement.
I have my whole 12 years education with Elmbrook School District. The teachers and staff are great. There are many clubs/activities. I think the average clubs/activities each student participates is about 3.
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