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The School System is really good but there are a few things that have happened that are sometimes questionable.
Ellington Public Schools has incredible teachers that will provide your student with encouragement to commit to their ideas, wisdom to question their own knowledge, and dedication that will serve to motivate them for their entire lives. But, Ellington School System itself does not encourage students to do their best or rise above exceptions. With their adoption of the "no homework" policy in 2017, students no longer have the motivation they need. Along with this new policy, Ellington Public Schools is introducing a new type of teaching and learning called, "Mastery Based Learning," where students no longer receive number or letter grades, instead they receive classifications for assignments. With changes to the school system and the poor way in which the High School specifically does not keep to date with Fire and Lock Down Drills, I would not recommend the Ellington Public School System to anyone who wishes to graduate from High School and attend college.
Overall, Ellington High School provides a positive learning and social environment. However, the administration can sometimes ignore students concerns and desires about certain issues.
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Ellington High School teachers really care about their students. Every teacher works with me to set me up for success. They are in tune to each students' needs and how they learn and adjust as they teach so everyone succeeds!
Some of the teachers there are good and know how to teach well, but some do not and that hurts the students. There are several clubs and activities that include everyone
There are a good variety of AP classes and electives but you can tell some of the teachers don't want to be there and really aren't concerned about teaching the students.
I like my sons elementary school.
They are good at academics and the way of teaching.
Really appreciate the school Principals involvement in the students daily activities.
They have good after school programs.
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