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Ellicott School District No. 22 Reviews

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My kids attend Ellicott Andy I have heard terrible things that are taking place in this school. Bullies are not being addressed. Kids are not being attended in the classroom or in the hallway. Kids are running the school. Rules are not established in class. Kids are disrespectful to staff and students. Kids are making out in the hallways they are leaving campus during class and teachers don’t know this. They don’t have preventions or protection. Some teachers just look the other way when kids are playing games on computers or cellphones. If your in trouble and in sports it’s okay you will get away with it.
Ellicott is not the friendliest to freshman or sophomores and it definitely takes some getting used to, but once you get in the groove and start understanding the ins and outs Ellicott is a pretty great school. The teachers are very good at their job and you will never meet people like the students at Ellicott anywhere else.
So far so good. New to the school but the staff is always friendly and helpful. I have two children with iep's (one who this is their first year of school) and another who hopefully will be able to get into the gifted program this year.
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Ellicott school district 22 was an absolutely wonderful district. The High School staff and teachers are well-trained and will always be there for the students and are always willing to help and lend an ear. The middle school is gorgeous and colorful, and accommodates for handicapped students well. The security of the district is phenomenal, never once did I feel like I was not safe.
I went to Ellicott Middle School. While I enjoyed my time there, I fell behind academically. The school tends to spend a significant amount of its budget on sports and less on academics. I am impressed with the new middle school building though.
What I like about Ellicott High school is that the school is small and everyone knows each other. We have a PALs program and we help student at each school.
I would like to see more flexible classes so that people can get interesting in the college classes they want, and they can find what majors and jobs they will really fit into.
What I liked about Ellicott was that it is a smaller school so it is easy to get to know everyone there. There are many different groups with in the school and even in each classroom. No one ever seems to get left out. The teachers are flexible and go out of their way in order to help the students succeed. What I did not like was that no one pays attention to academic achievements that have been made by the students. They are too focused on sports. It seems that if it wasn't for sports no one would care about anything. It overall is a very well rounded school and I have had a good experience for me.
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