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I really enjoyed the sense of teamwork and community ever present in the school. There were always things going on to help the students come together and enjoy learning.
This school district has been very good. I have been in this school district for all my life. The district wants kids to feel comfortable so they are able to succeed which is important. They also care about the education because they barely have breaks which means more days to learn.
Ellensburg School District is an amazing place to educate the next generation while making sure that they have a great time doing so. Every parent who has their child enrolled in an Ellensburg school is guaranteed a successful child.
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I had a great experience with the Ellensburg schools. I was able to get the resources I needed to further my education from a friendly staff. The employees were very easy to work with.
Ellensburg High School os a very accepting place of other's differences. The teachers are inspirational and provoke further thought. I'd like to see more college preperation as what is provided is not very clear. Overall, Ellensburg High School is a very good. The enviroment is great and the academics are excellent.
There are a handful of people within this school district who have enough passion to ensure the future of my generation, academically and mentally as well. Small class sizes ensure connection and understanding between students and faculty.
Ellensburg has both positives and negatives, just like everywhere else. Some teachers are great and super passionate about teaching, while others are not.
EHS is a great school for all kinds of students. The students welcome and are friendly to new coming students, we here all care about each other opinions and want the best for our voices.
Have had a great time attending here. I now call it my home school district having lived every place in this nation its nice to have friends and family in this school district.
I'm a high school freshman at Ellensburg high school in Washington. The school is mostly based on academics like other schools are. The rest of the schools traits are lacking except the sports programming. If you are a normal kid the school is fine, but to me it is below other schools iv'e been to.
Great community and small town education. Students have to advocate for themselves in order to shine.
I was a middle school volunteer wrestling coach and i liked the parent and coach involvement. And how the coach were strict with academic performance and class room behavior.
Located in a safe valley. Ellensburg seems to be growing a bit and needs a new middle school. It is a small town feel, but is not a super tiny town. It is small compared to Seattle. It is the best school in Central Washington.
Being a part of the Ellensburg School District from 5th grade through graduation was a great experience. I highly recommend the school district to anyone. As an elementary student I transferred there in 5th grad and was immediately immersed within a new environment that overall was great. Moving to the Ellensburg school district was the best choice my parents ever made and I am grateful for all the amazing teachers I had and opportunities that were offered. All the faculty members made it an enjoyable experience. I would however have to say that the Middle School needs some work structurally.
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