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Elko County School District Reviews

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I really loved all of my teachers and enjoyed the school spirit that Elko High School provided. It was overall the ultimate high school experience. I loved all of it.
The education system can vary from town to town.
Coming from West Wendover, all the way to Elko, there is a huge difference in not only Education, but also spirit and commitment.
What I have always liked about our school district is that most people are pretty familiar with another and you aren't forgotten. It's nice that the school's support each other and are close together. When you compete for those same schools for so many years, you get pretty acquainted. The only thing I would hope to see changed is how certain schools are favorited and others are not. The district should focus and making every classroom worth being in, in every school.
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Elko county has a good school system. It is well connected with the other schools in the state and allows for opportunities to meet other students from the other districts. Between sports and other extracurricular activities, I have made many friends who have inspired me to keep being active.
I think that Elko County School District has a lot of options to choose from and the class list is very diverse.
The county is poor- money wise, education wise with exception of a few (three) teachers, and overall character.
It’s just a normal district nothing special. What could change is that they care more about the little school like West Wendover high school and not just worry about the top schools
My experience at Elko high school was very fun. It made my schooling years go very fast! The teachers are very nice. They truely care about there students. Even though the kids can be awful and really disrespect. Teachers bit there toung down and still pursuit to want to teach students. All teachers are truly fair. They love to make sure it’s all fair. And that’s a big deal for me. Being a honest, and fair teacher means everything for me. I have never seen teachers being so fair to students that have disrespected them. They aren’t treated any differently and I believe that’s a great quality in a teacher. I would love some things to be changed such as sports. Sports are seriously taking over im so many ways. Teachers tend to change a whole lesson plan just because half or more then half of the class is gone due to sports. Sports kids really are the most rude kids and the most disrespectful students. I think some sports should be eliminated at Elko county school district.
Elko County School District is one of the greatest districts of all time. They give some grade levels the chance to get ready for college. Although, some people don't take advantage of it & they rather just do it for the trips, there are some students like me, who have always wanted to get ready for college. Something that I wish would change about the district is that they actually give their attention to Jackpot High School & are aware of what's going on in the school. We're a small school & there's a lot going on that could be improved within the learning & resources that we have.
The district is very good in teach kids and helping them stay focused. The school that I go to really keeps the kids from getting in a lot of trouble and tries to give all the resources it can to help the ones that need it. I think the food that is served should be changed to something healthier or more fresh.
School resources are limited and most staff are either unmotivated or not focused. Despite the critical fallback, students are able to learn to rely on themselves and take matters into their own hands.
I have been a member of ESDNV since I began schooling as a kindergartener. Few teachers want to be teaching, few have practical knowledge of what it takes to teach a subject, and not many teachers are willing to think outside lesson plans to consider assisting students to prepare for college. This is the biggest down fall to the area. They do the bare minimum to prepare students for post secondary education and we should have a much larger emphasis on standardized testing.
Elko County School District, and--more specifically--Spring Creek High School is employer to a myriad of driven and encouraging teachers, who truly care about the future of their students. They are constantly working to motivate the youth to be excited for future prospects and career opportunities, while presently appreciating the individuality and unique talents of each separate and distinct child.
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