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Elk Lake School District Reviews

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I liked the fact that we always have someone as a friend, no matter who you were. What I would change would be having more help with the math department or more facilities available for tutoring.
The school is quite small, but the community is like a family and everyone knows each other which is nice when you can get close connections with a lot of people.
I've always loved this school since I got here. I think everything is great, yet with recent budget issues Elk Lake has started declining in certain areas.
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Most of the teachers are great, but with recent cutbacks and eliminations of certain programs and extra curriculars its quality is quickly decreasing.
Elk Lake School District stands out above the rest because if its small size, breathtaking rural setting and outstanding student/teacher relationships. Teachers are willing to go above and beyond for their students, coaches make sports fun and really focus on teamwork and individual strengths and students form life-long friendships. Elk Lake has a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.
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