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There are a wide variety of courses offered to prepare students for life after graduation. Students have the opportunity to participate in coursework and programming such as Cooperative Work Experience and Career Internships which help to develop job readiness skills. They also offer programming that allows students to dual enroll in coursework at a collegiate level while still attending high school. Another positive aspect of EAHS is that the teaching staff is willing to assist students before and afterschool hours.
The areas that EAHS lack in are school diversity and student involvement in planned activities.
There were many things I liked about EAHS. I liked that the school gave you the opportunity to figure out who you are as a person. All the teachers and staff were very supportive, and you could go to them at any time for extra help. I also enjoyed the variety of clubs and extra curricular activities the school offered. I was an active member of Mini-Thon throughout my four years of high school. On the flip side, I did not always like the teaching style of certain teachers. I wish we would have had a little more freedom as well. Overall, I had a positive experience at Elizabethtown Area High School.
I have been in the Elizabethtown area school district for my entire life. Every year in the system, the teachers and staff work their hardest to make my learning experience and a positive one. One thing that I would like to see changed in the school system here is I hope that the students will appreciate their privileges to learn. My class is rowdy, but many kids are trying their best to further their education.
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I have had a great high school experience. The teachers and faculty are very welcoming, friendly, and educated. I have learned a lot in my four years at this school and have never had any problems.
I enjoy going to school at Elizabethtown, but as a student who is wanting to take more AP and honors classes than the school can offer me a year, I sometimes find the schedule and organization frustrating. The teachers are all wonderful and do a great job, and although funding is lacking the teachers all make an effort to get their kids the materials they need to succeed.
I started going to school at Etown when I was in the second grade, and I’m now about to begin my senior year of high school. What I love most about this school is the flexibility of scheduling and preparation given for college. If you seek out the help you need, you will be able to make the most of your high school experience, taking classes you want to take and getting help in preparing yourself for college searching, applying, and adjustment. I also have had many great teachers during my time here who I continue to maintain contact with and get advice from even after taking their classes. The biggest downside to this school would have to be the administration.
I started there my Sophomore year ( I just graduated this year) and some people were welcoming and helpful. However I won't miss it.
The district at the honors level did prepare my child for college work load. I did not like how my other child is a high academic achiever yet was not selected to attend an underclass man awards ceremony. Weighted average was 4.3.
My time at Elizabethtown has been wonderful. The faculty are outstanding and always willing to help students, and the campus is beautiful. I would like to see more diversity and more opportunities for students to come together and be involved within the community.
Amazing, starts prepping early. Helps us find who we want to be and how to make it to there. With wonderful opportunities such as Ctc and many more!
I think my time at Elizabethtown Area High School have been pretty great. I enjoyed most of my classes and although there was so poor aspects about it, I wouldn’t want to go to high school anywhere else. The smaller classes really lets you get close with your fellow classmates and the teachers know what they are doing. I’ve had multiple classes to prepare me for college and life after.
I think Elizabethtown area high school should improve their teacher quality. the teachers I had didn't seem very happy to be teaching and didn't care if we tried or not.
Elizabethtown Area School District is a very nice school. The teachers truly care about the success of their students, and try to work with them and help them in any way they can. The main thing that I would like to see change in the Elizabethtown Area School District would be an increase in the quantity and quality of resources available to students.
I liked that Elizabethtown has a very strong student body and the teachers who work at Etown really allow and promote student growth. They have a very strong music and arts program. School sports are very important there as well.
The good - the teachers. Very approachable and willing to work with you. The gifted program was, however, abysmal. 1 hour of meeting with other gifted students 1 day per week. In middle school, they're merely given more work. My child was twice exceptional, gifted and learning disabled. The teacher actually told me that he was not LD, he just had trouble getting what was in his head onto the paper. That is the definition of dysgraphia, his LD. It did not fare much better with another child with dyslexia. Constant aggravation. Depending on situation, administration was helpful or downright nasty. Discipline is too harsh with no recourse. All is good as long as you don't rock the boat. Politics and corruption throughout.
Elizabethtown Area HS is a great place. Teachers are very kind and friendly. The place is safe and I am never worried about anything happening. There is many opportunities for you to succeed and participate in extra curriculars. The only problem I have is the lunches. They are bad and not very good in taste. Another thing is diversity. We are a white dominated school. Although this has been changing. These past four years there has been more and more foreign students entering our school. Overall Elizabethtown Area HS is a great place.
I've enjoyed my time at Elizabethtown now that I'm a senior. There are a handful of dedicated teachers and if you're lucky enough to get them, they will definitely change your perspective on learning. I love my counselor, Mrs. Gillette, who has been there for me throughout my past four years. In addition to the counselors and teachers, the coaching staff is dedicated and welcomes everyone onto the team. There are tons of clubs to join as well, and a multitude of courses to take that range from easy to difficult. Another nice thing Elizabethtown offers is the Dual Enrollment courses. I have taken two college courses which was a cheaper (and smarter) choice than waiting till college since the credits will transfer. Although some of the school rules are questionable, my high school experience at Elizabethtown wasn't horrible.
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I took advantage of the opportunities given to me at EAHS. There ar4e many ways to get involved in the school whether it be clubs, organizations, or sports. I was a part of the student council and class council. I also participated in mini-THON and powderpuff. Most of my teachers in high school were amazing and loved what they were doing which projected in their teaching. The staff and faculty care very much for the school and their students creating the ideal learning environment.
The schools offers a wide variety of ways for students to learn skills that will eventually help lead them into the work force. The only things I would change about this school is the quality of the lunches.
I enjoyed the relationships I have with my teachers, and all of the clubs and extracurricular activities that were provided to us.
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