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What I liked about Elizabeth Public Schools was the amount of support we received from our teachers and staff. Even thought the district was big we all felt like we were part of a family. The only change the district should make is to make the school day shorter. We have the longest school day of any other district in the state.
Eps elementary and middle school was the best years ever I shouldn’t have taken advantage of it while i was there. Even though high school is not bad at all i miss it and the teachers.
There needs to more awareness as far as the mental health of students. Upon actually informing such school about mental disabilities, no actions were taken until a parent was bought in, but it was still not enough. When addressing the issue on mental illness in school, I was shut down and ignored which is not right.
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My experience at the Elizabeth Public Schools has been somewhat decent. The teachers are very diligent about behavior as well as Academics. The board is very adamant about Uniform policy as well as bullying. I have always felt 100% safe in my schools. The teachers have done a phenomenal job in showing us how the real world works. Nothing comes easy.
Elizabeth Public Schools is really what you make it. There are lots of cons and a few pros. I like that they pay for your SAT and AP testing. But also I don't like the favoritism. All schools should have air conditioning, not just the higher ranking ones. The Elizabeth Board of Education should make every school's success and needs a top priority. The schools are very divided meaning you will get a very different experience in each of the 6 high schools. A lot more programs need to be offered and better teachers need to be evenly distributed throughout the schools, not just great teachers in EHS and the rest just get the default.
a concerned HS senior from Alexander Hamilton Prep
Elizabeth is very good at diversity and most teachers I have encountered are great. The food, facilities, and academic opportunities are definitely less than par. A few select schools get a lot more resources than the others. Nonetheless, Elizabeth is good but has a wide space for improvement.
Elizabeth public schools is all I've ever known. This district has gave me access to all my academic success, thinking back to all of my years of school I am reminded of all the awards I've received over the years. from principle to superintendent scholar, from a national junior Honor society member to now becoming a national honor society. Being a student in this area has brought me so many ups and downs, but I loved every second of being a city student.
i like how the school was diverse, i was comfortable. teachers and staff members was nice. the classes wasn't to hard. i actually learned
I can proudly say that I have always been apart of the elizabeth public schools district, this district always has so many activities for students to be involved not just in their school but in the community as well. They provide a safe environment and excellent academics.
I have been a student in the Elizabeth Public Schools district since pre-k. I can, in all honestly say I have had a good experience with teachers, the materiel learned and my peers. EPS is a diverse district that doesn’t hold their students back and allow them to have opportunities one doesn’t think they have. I am glad to soon be a graduate of EPS.
This is my fourth year in Elizabeth Public Schools. I’m satisfied with all my accomplishments and my teachers. I like the way classes are organized and the recognition to the students that get Superintendent, Honor Roll and Students of the Month.
Elizabeth Public School is very diverse with students. I feel as if there needs to be better facilities for Teachers and students. Also the food needs to be healthier and organic.
The city of Elizabeth itself is not good, however the schools and their teachers can be very helpful to students is the students choose to put in the work and effort. Middle school, Terence C. Reilly School #7 is a gifted and talented school meaning students get in through test taking scores but it is the best schools for middle school students even if not all go.
Elizabeth Public Schools is an excellent district to be attending classes under because it provides ample opportunities to its students. There are also lots of different choices for elections within certain schools. The food is a bit fishy because one time an expiration date was crossed of a bag of chips and it turned out to be expired. However, the actual teachers are mostly amazing at teaching and helping students with what they need.
GREAT SYSTEM! #1 URBAN SCHOOL IN NEW JERSEY. I was in this district since pre-kindergarten and have graduated in 2018 from Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy.
I went to Elizabeth public school until I graduated in 2016. My time in public schools was amazing. The teachers were excellent and praised on their teaching methods. My highschool teachers had prepared me for college and they did a wonderful job.
It is a great school to build your personality. But the facilities involvement stinks and they only care about here work and don't realize that students do have other class and activities outside of the building and inside.
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Whart i really enjoyed about going to Elizabeth Public Schools was the fact that it was such a diverse environment. There was a lot of different people to meet daily. I also appreciated that there was always several options that you can go with to find help.
I'm a sophmore and some teachers can be a handful sometimes but the school is overally excellent when it comes to academics. Wish they would let the parents be more involved however, and also connect with the students more and have more festivsl activities.
Elizabeth Public Schools provides many different resources to help students succeed, such as sports, summer programs, and advanced placement classes.
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