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My experience at Elizabeth Forward High School was very good. However, I would like to see more disciplinary actions taken towards those who break school rules.
My experience at Elizabeth Forward since the sixth grade has been incredible. I love that Elizabeth Forward is an Apple Certified School because it makes the school day much more productive and fun. All of the teachers I have had were always willing to help me become the best me I could be. I loved being involved in all of the volunteering clubs such as NJHS and Student Council in middle school, and Tri-M and SGA in high school. Another great experience I had at the high school was the opportunity to take part in the Partners PE classes where I was paired with students with learning disabilities in their gym class to help them develop their social skills, in turn I was able to grow more compassionate as an individual.
Elizabeth Forward is a technology based school and now that I am secondary education major I see how helpful that is for students. I do believe teachers should get more training on what they can use in the class room with the technology because I feel like there are so many opportunities that these students can have that they are not being taught to do or given to considering we live in a technology world now. I also would like to see more diversity in the school or be more aware of the bullying that happening to the minority groups.
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Elizabeth Forward is a very small school, which is nice and allows for more one on one learning inside of the classroom. I would like to see the school be cleaner, most of the classroom's have ceilings that are in mediocre condition. The teaching staff and administration is wonderful, and I look forward to being able to come to school everyday. The environment is usually very good, and the students are always very welcoming.
Nothing it’s fine and I like the iPad idea just not espark.okus it’s a lot better than going to homeschool
The academics were excellent . The school district provided I pads for all students. the Diversity was terrible as especially the High School can best be described as Lily White with diverse students not getting a fair shake in multiple activities.
EF is really technologically advanced, with Ipads, projector labs, and an I create studio in 2016. Sadly, the high school teachers are some of the most stubborn and incompetent, but also has some of the most best teaching I've ever had.
I liked many things about my school, but my favorite thing is how friendly all of the teachers are. I also like how students and staff get along very good. If I could change one thing about my school, it would be to use books more than our ipads.
EFSD has been very helpful to me with my autism diagnosis needs. My IEP team made great accomodations for me. Most of my teachers are sensitive to what I need to be successful.
I love Elizabeth Forward School District. When I was in sixth grade, I moved from Belle Vernon Area. I was extremely uptight and nervous because I thought I would not have been accepted. However, I was accepted immediately and felt welcome. Also, the programs and classes offered at the high school focus on specific topics. The topics range from technology to sociology. Because of this, a student can select a course that will focus on what he or she is interested in, preparing us for college. One can choose if an ineterest is still present, or not.
The teachers also responded well to my six eye diagnoses. Whenever my eyes would prevent me from understanding specific material, the teachers would sit down with me and help me find a way to comprehend the information being taught, as I never allow my eye problems to disable me. Hence, a couple of reasons why I admire Elizabeth Forward.
it was great to go to good teachers and food was ok. I loved it I graduated in 2016 but I attended when I started in 8th grade. I played football and the one thing that stuck out to me was that the school takes pride in what they do. they put a big iPad and technology center in and really teach how to use technology right. I loved the school very much and am proud to call my self an alum. Go warriors!!!
Elizabeth Forward is a very technologically advanced school. Many of their resources and programs throughout the school are in-depth with expanding their students minds. They challenge us each and every day. Although are school is one of the best in our area, we aren’t that diverse.
The school taught me what I needed to learn to get by in life. I feel that things could improve on the quality of study to prep for hard colleges. More problem solving needs to be applied.
At EF we have wonderful staff who care about each and every student and will do everything in their power to ensure you feel safe. They truly care about the well being of each student regardless of race, ethnicity, or color. Proud to be a warrior!
Elizabeth Forward is a great school district, and proves to others that it will only keep advancing. Over the years they have added much to their technology department, and are constantly looking for ways to improve and give kids the best education possible. The district is also extremely focused on safety, and had implemented various new techniques to keep kids safe. The kids and teachers both go through training so they can be prepared in any given situation. Furthermore, it is evident the teachers really do care about the kids, as they work hard to teach them what they can in a short amount of time. In addition, they also sacrifice their own time and money for clubs and activities for the kids. Overall, the district is excellent and after spending K-12 im the district and graduating in June of 2017 can honestly say I am proud to be an Elizabeth Forward alumni.
Elizabeth Forward School District is a very safe place to send your child. Elizabeth Forward provides their students with the latest technology and gives their students opportunities to do what they love to do. The staff is wonderful and does everything to help their students achieve goals. We have a wide variety of lunch options, however, it could be improved.
I grew up in this district and it is by far the worst district in western Pennsylvania, maybe even the entire state. This school has horrible food, poor safety (with mold and mildew everywhere, a few teachers even left as they were instructed to by their doctors to avoid getting more sick from it), and this school is supposed to be a technology oriented school yet they spend more money on that stuff that everyone hates such as the iPads and laptops rather than fixing problems with the water and leaks and poorly maintained heaters. This school is by far not a sufficient place to send your child, send them to Thomas Jefferson or Belle Vernon.
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Suburban/Rual school district that highly developed with technology. Stuff is caring. Students get iPads. School is focused on Apple. Wish there was more windows. Apple is not reliable.
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