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Well developed. Genuinely cares about there students. Very community involved. Pushes students for success. Maintains safety. Pretty amazing teachers who teach well and engage students in the classroom.
I attended Elgin Public Schools from the 5th grade to the 12th grade. Elgin is located in a small town in the grand plains of Oklahoma. The school is getting larger due to the increase in military families moving in the district.
First, the Elgin School District is very safe. There isn't a big issue with serious drugs, gangs or bullying. Since the school is located in a small and humble town, the kids tend to be calm and respectful. The Teachers also reflect this nature. They will not ever condone unsafe acts among the students. The system has a no toleration policy for unrighteous acts.
Second, I had struggled in school for much of my early years. Paying attention was a struggle and I was even put on medication to help me focus. After starting at Elgin, we noticed my grades were improving and I was much more receptive. The Teachers that work there are unique because of their ability and dedication to help each individual student.
Elgin Public Schools provided a supportive and friendly atmosphere for the students. The school could use more options in the amount of classes available. The schools are growing alongside the town. The high school offers opportunities with sports and academics. On the academic side of the offers one can do concurrent enrollment at Cameron University or attend Great Plains Technological Center during the junior and senior years
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Elgin is very nice school with great technology and teachers who care. One thing I wish is that the sports teams were better and everyone wasn't so close minded
I went to Elgin Public Schools for eight year and graduated there in 2017. I started there in the 5th grade and played basketball, football, and baseball for Elgin. I was a part of NJHS in middle school and NHS in high school. I was a part of FCA in both high school and middle school. The lessons I learned while at Elgin are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The teachers were always there for me whenever I had struggles or questions. I am still very close to a few of them. The friends I made there will be my friends for the rest of my life. The administration has done several things to help improve the school. The athletics there are on the come up and have been doing well. The school just passed a bond issue to build a new football stadium and new field house, which will be nice because the team is dealing with Class 2A while the school participates in Class 4A competition.
Elgin Public schools is incredibly excellent. Their parent-student-teacher relationship is very well organized. Each student receives a very good education and everyone is incredibly friendly. Elgin Public Schools ensures kids safety with police officers and crossing guards.
I have gone to Elgin my whole life. The school is nice, it has big classrooms and a nice gym. Most of the teachers are good, some are excellent and some are awful. I really like the clubs and sports. The school does need more AP and honors classes though.
Some of the teachers at Elgin are great, and some are terrible. The cafeteria food is mediocre. We have some AP classes but not enough. We have nice facilities.
We really liked the Elgin schools, but had a problem with the teachers showing an excessive number of movies for indoor recess. I don't like that so many grades have their own building so that my kids have to be dropped off at 4 different buildings when 3 of them are in elementary grades.
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