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What I like about Elgin's school district is that the teachers are very friendly and reliable about putting grades in on time as well as helping students. I think my experience there has been more like being around family and having a great time while learning.
Elgin, Texas is a community town where everyone knows everyone; or at the least heard of them. It's very family oriented and has a lot of open land. Although the community morale is extremely low. It's like there is no motivation for anybody here. Some days it feels like I'm stuck in a dark hole. My mom calls Elgin the sink hole because last year at Elgin High School we had 326 graduate and 83% of the students came back and didn't even go to college.
The small-town community has played a big role in who I am today. Everyday I volunteered in town and with others to help this community grow. Time and time this community had everyone's back and the feel of a small town community can help you become friendly with everyone and everything.
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I loved how united we were as a class and community. Everyone was bery involved in the community and supported one another during hard times. We lost a classmate last year and it hit everyone hard. We had to learn how to push through the pain and be there as a shoulder to lean on for eachother.
I graduated almost three years ago and what I still think about is how much I wish the academics would have been the primary focus rather than the sports.
Elgin High School is a place where the main focus is on sports and athletics. Other departments, namely the fine arts department, do not get as much funding and support as the athletic departments in this district.
Elgin High School is a very small school compared to many others. Regardless of the size, everyone there is so welcoming and positive. The staff and students are filled with so much pride, you feel the enthusiasm every single day. The academics at this school are out of the roof. Many students challenge themselves and take Pre-AP or AP classes. There is a wide selection of classes you are available to take, like child development, auto-tech, food-tech, forensic science and so much more.
The 4 years I have been attending EHS had been good, so far I've had no problems with the teachers or administration. Although there are some things I would like to see change in the district and overall the school. Things such as the dress code here, not allowed to wear ripped jeans is just not right. How is that a bad look for the school? I absolutely see no problem with it. Another thing would be the school food. Sometimes they give out dry food with no flavor. That's just nasty.
EISD is a great district that ensures the safety of its students and provides resources that are needed. The only thing I would like to see is more student involvement when it comes to after school clubs and activities. There are many students who do not even know what clubs are offered.
I liked that the environment of the school district was like one big happy family. Everyone knows everyone in Elgin and we really know how to pull together and be there for each other. If I could change one thing, it would probably be the teachers that do not care about whether or not you actually understand the material; Elgin needs more caring teachers.
I like that this school has been made into an Early College High School with many kids also being very active in extra curricular activities. But i believe that the school should try and involve the kids who do not want to be part of anything more often instead of throwing them to the side.
The Elgin Independent School District is a very profound system for kids of all ages to receive an education from. I have attended this school district to this present day and I feel as though I have received a genuine education from caring teachers that want to see me go far in life. I would recommend this school district to others because of the town it is located in as well as the people in it. We are one close town and that is expressed through the students.
I would like to see the focus of Elgin ISD change from athletics to academics. For the longest time it seems that the focus has always been "let's go get that state championship." And while I was there that was fine because I was part of the football team and easily in the to ten percent of my class. However after leaving EISD and going off to college I quickly realized how unprepared I was for Higher education. EISD needs to shift their focus from athletics to academics and college readiness.
Love the music/sports programs. I feel that the teachers are knowledgeable regarding there subjects. What I do feel is that at times there is a lot of distractions in the classroom. Students often act out and there are regular fights at the schools. Also the food is terrible, twice during the school year I got sick off the food from the school
My overall experience in the school district was pretty average to say the least. Though what I did enjoy at the school were the trips we got to go on for club activities. However, there are still things that could be improved in the school district. The main one for me was the teachers. To be honest, some of them just weren't really good teachers, but we did have good ones too. I just want to see better teachers who are more prepared to teach their students.
This Independent School District tries their best, but it seems like more emphasis is put on our football team. Some teachers genuinely want to teach, but some are there to collect a paycheck.
Elgin is home and I'm glad I attended for the atmosphere but overall I feel like I was left behind and not pushed to my full potential. I was so ready to get out of there by time I graduated. There are so many drugs and teachers that just don't care. There are a few that were absolutely amazing but those are few and far between.
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Now that we have a new superintendent, things have changed. She's came in and done some major uprooting and goes by the book. Not who you know. Some people didn't like it and some do. I personally have had five children go through the system and if your child does not have a learning or mental disability then he or she should be fine. It challenging when a child has a learning disability that doesn't show to often and the district does not have teachers that are educated in the field.
Elgin high school represents the dividing line between rural and urban very well. It isn't terribly good or terribly bad for what it is.
I loved the small school/ small classes environment. Though, I wished the school provided more opportunities for taking college ACC courses during high school. I would also like to see better teachers with more passion and dedication for what they teach.
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