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Eldon R-I School District Reviews

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I think it is a decent school. I feel that as with probably any school district there are too many politics when it comes to certain things. I think certain kids get more attention be it good or bad than others. I had some awesome teachers who went above and beyond to help me prepare for college. I may have been a bit objective at times but feel that schools are molding our future citizens and it is an important job and should be held to high standards.
I love EHS! It feels like a family and the staff really care about the students. They offer many opportunities to succeed, for both students and the community. Compared to other schools around, EHS is definitely one of the best.
I love the Eldon School District. Someone can graduate with their associate's degree and a lot of the surrounding schools do not offer that. Someone can also take tech classes at the high school. The teachers throughout the school are very friendly and always have nice looking classrooms.
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The Eldon School district is a great place ofr not only students, but also their families. The high school provides their students with the oportunities to be successful in their day to day lives.
The teachers are nice and want to help you. They will come to work early and help you if you need it. I would change how mean some of the students are. Some students say really rude things to people they don't like.
I am proud to be an Eldon alum! From the academics and college prep, to the programs and clubs, to the teachers and staff, Eldon offers it all. The community support is none other.
The school is cool but I would like to see more people of different braces because we need more we need more different people so we understand different cultures and we can bring a new the sphere at the community
At Eldon, you have many opportunities to challenge yourself throughout the years. The teachers are excellent and always there to assist. While it is not very diverse, attempts to change that have been made; this year is the first that Eldon has welcomed exchange students in the high school.
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