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Elba is an extremely small school but has this family feel to it. Due to the size everyone knows everyone which is a curse and a blessing all at the same time. Elba is big into basketball which I have participated in for as long as I can remember but with that comes the spotlight. I personally didn’t like to be in the spotlight and but as an athlete I loved seeing how sports could create such a sense of school pride.
Went here K-12. Everyone gets to know one another, and the environment is friendly. Since there are so few students, there is very little separation between groups of students (the 'cool' kids vs. 'uncool' kids).
It's a great small town experience and also the town and school are full of great people. The schools sports teams are almost like little families within the school. Academically teachers go above and beyond for students to make sure they succeed and prosper throughout their journey through the grades and ranks of Elba Central School.
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As a student, I was sort of the outcast. With that being said, Even I was able to have a set of great friends. The only problems were the disrespect of some students. However the current principle is working to reform this.
My school is very small with my graduating class being 38 in total. Diversity may be difficult but student/teacher relations makes learning more focused. You get to know most of the underclassmen really well and the dynamics and personality conflicts are kept to a minimum. We are basically a agriculture community and have immigrants working throughout the year with their children in and out of the school system each year. All in all, the learning experience has been rewarding and a great start toward my college education.
A small community school where everyone knows each other and often grows together. However, was very welcoming to new students and members of the community. The teachers are also very dedicated and willing to work with students who show potential or desire to learn and advance themselves.
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