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My experience with Episd has been good. I feel like I have been provided with good teachers and the resources to help me further my education and goals. My freshman year of high school, we were given a laptop which has helped me with school assignments. When used in the right way, these laptops are a good resource,however, they can be damaged easy and a lot of students get away with playing games and texting. I'd almost prefer using textbooks to stay focused.
I enjoy the diversity throughout the schools, very excepting. The administration is nice but recently ties to implement unreasonable rules they don't end up following through. Has become a more stressful environment than before, but over all is a very good school system. Pride within the schools in the district is outstanding, all love and cherish their schools. Football games are big events and everyone comes to support, can be a fun time for anyone. Our varsity sports are very good and are always a big deal within the school. Specially football, volleyball and basketball.
El Paso Independent School District is one of the best districts in El Paso in my eyes. They are very big on making sure kids have everything they need for school and ready for college in life.
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I believe that the district truly cares about the students, and have an environmental friendly campus.
I have been in the EPISD schooling system since the 7th grade, and I have loved the schools that I have attended. My teachers, counselors, and principals have been active mentors in and outside of every school related decision that I have made. Now that I am a Jr. at Franklin High School, I feel, and know that I am prepared for the higher education I plan on receiving after graduating in 2020.
More real world/life curriculums instead of test based. Mandatory SAT/ACT courses in order to prep for the real tests that lead into college instead of just focusing on STAAR tests.
El Paso Independent School District offered me college readiness as well as a good opportunity to learn.
I would like to see less tests because as student we already have the pressure of the STARR test. finals are also a weight on our shoulder I just hope the school district takes this into consideration.
El Paso Independent School District has done a good a job on offering the free use of apple laptops to all students included in the district. The use of many electronic devices has a been a good source of help for the majority of the schools in this district. The majority of our teachers have the best teaching skills in order to give a good education to all our students. There are numbers of students with satisfying GPA's and good academic levels. Not only academic students, but student athletes as well, have shown good competition and a good image of our district. Unfortunately, our school safety is not something our district is highly prepared of.
The district isn't bad, but also isn't good. I don't think the schools are going to change, but they definitely could be better.
El Paso Independent School District really care about their students, they do surveys all the time so students can share their opinion about the installations, they have several scholarships for students, and they provide money for the high schools when they deserve it.
As a student of one of the many magnet programs, I can state that the academics are very good and rigorous. However, the administration can be lacking at times as the students never know what’s going on. Also, the clubs and other activities are limited but since I attend a magnet school my experience may be different from the rest of EPISD school.
As a parent of children in three different schools in EPISD, I am happy with concern for my children's safety, push for academics, the diversity in El Paso is wonderful, the college readiness is wonderful and most teachers have been phenomenal. Some facilities are old and need improvements, the school culture is one of pride and loyalty, and the clubs, activities, and opportunities for students are diverse. Overall, my happiness has been with the individual schools and teachers, not with the school district or anything they have done.
EPISD is one of the best schooling systems in El Paso, Texas. Each year they improve for us students to improve our education each year.
El Paso Independent School District has many great compliments and it makes the students that attend to the district school feel like home, they give you many facilities and really the school district makes your life way easier, the food of the cafeteria is good, the transport is good, school materials that they provide are good and they simply make school a better place, when I entered high school I never thought school would be like it is, I thought it was going to be tougher but it turns out it wasn’t thanks of all the facilities our district has given us.
Good school district, Renovations of some schools are being done. Can't wait to see hoe they look later. Good UIL scores.
The teachers and staff there are very nice and understanding. I just moved and the teachers understand that I was taught differently. The staff there is really nice. The janitors and lunch ladies are very friendly and it is lovely to talk to them.
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I love the curriculum of my school and diverse and all the classes my school offers. The only downside to Franklin is that we don’t have anymore “outs” so getting ahead in my classes was pointless because now I have to take 5 more classes than I meed
I truly enjoy the academics in this school district as well as the opportunities offered to students like me. Throughout my educational career I have been with the El Paso Independent School District and have had little to no problems, except for the facilities and focus on the arts in comparison to sports. My school district has opened up doors that I would never have thought to even consider before, and for this reason I can not be more thankful.
It is a strict but good school district who takes care of it's students and prepares them for college and the real world very well.
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