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El Monte Union High School District Reviews

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Elmonte Union High School District isn't the best district, but it isn't the worst. They have many resources such as a large library filled with many books. They also have access to computers, either Chromebooks or desktops. They are also very eco friendly as they recently installed solar panels for each high school. They are also electric car charging stations in the parking lot. Though teachers vary, the quality of teachers in general are average. The facilities are mediocre and can be definitely updated and cleaned. The food is alright though I feel as if there is a problem with plastic waste especially with the extra plastic coming from disposable forks and spoons. The faculty is nice and helpful and the schools are pretty safe with campus security guards going around the school as well as having a campus officer.
Administration is corrupt. They don't help out parents and students in need. Teachers are not very good. Some teachers don't have a degree and were just hired on the spot.
I had an awesome time throughout my high school years being at South El Monte High School. I enjoyed being there everyday, but what I would've liked was if they offered more as a school. What I mean by that is if they offered more classes that I'm going to major in such as nursing. I don't like that the only classes that they have for that is after school and not during school. If they offered those classes during school my high school experience would've been phenomenal because I would love to wake up knowing I'm learning the subject I'm going to major in. Having more classes that are relevant to our major would help many of to pursuit the career we are aiming for and ready to continue that specific major rather than waiting for college and eventually changing our majors. Having classes that would help us guide ourselves to the correct career would be great.
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I love that all the teacher that I took were berry prepare, pasient, and friendly people who always care about the students. Another thing is that they have a lo of programs for students whose don’t speak English and for other people too. They do have other programs after a school like medical assistant and pharmacist technician was one that I took. This is the best High school I had❤️
I have been attending in the high schools of El Monte Union High School district for three years now an d so far they have been great. My freshman year I attended at Rosemead High School and honestly, that school is great. To start off the academics are fantastic because all the students and teachers are so dedicated to their work and they do right. Also, the school spirit is something amazing because the pride the students had in their school was great because everyone would always show it at the football games or at the school rallies. My sophomore year i transferred to Arroyo High and it is a great school as well. Everyone there is so friendly and easy to talk to so you do not have much trouble finding your way around school.
What I like about the El Monte Union High School District is that they provide students with a lot of resources. The teachers are all good at teaching. The campus feels safe with secruity. They give work shops for parents to be involved in the school. What I would like them to change is to have better food options.
I liked that the district would pump their students into getting good grades by doing competitions with other schools in the district. They always cared/care that their students were putting as much effort as they could in their classes. The district added extra after school programs that would help out students with their tutoring needs. Though one thing that I would suggest changing in their district is how they communicate with each school. The things that they promise are completed but the process it takes is very long.
My experience an El Monte Hisg School has definitely been memorable full of ups and downs. Some of the teachers are amazing and they have made my High School life easier to deal with. Others are decent I guess. I feel like everything is done well. Everybody is going to have different views on each school, but I feel like the staff at my school does a good job at encouraging students and making the classroom. A good environment.
I like the competitiveness and determination of student. They could improve some facilities as well as their academics
My experience at the El Monte Union High School District has been pretty good overall. In my high school, I am currently enrolled in all the AP classes possible (which means that there is a wide variety of AP classes). In fact, one of the best aspects of my high school is that the academics, in my opinion, are top notch. Unfortunately, my high school is heavily underfunded by the school district, which means that in the years that I have attended high school they have barely started rebuilding the cafeteria that burned down over 3 years ago. My school also doesn't offer a variety of classes either, nor does it have a variety of clubs to participate in.
El monte High school goal is to prepare kid for the real world. My experience there was wonderful. Whenever I beed help there were a various amount of resources available to me. El Monte High school pushes its student to complete their A-G to get i to a 4 year college. Even though the school is not in the safest city I always felt safe because of the numerous amount of campus security and becaus there was always a police officer in school.
I attended high school in this district, I enjoyed it but it could be better. Some teachers are terrible. Facilities need to be improved. Textbooks/resources need to be improved.
I love the teachers at Arroyo High School. All of my teachers have mace genuinely cared about me and my future and I have learned a lot from each and everyone of them.
It has been a very overwhelming experience to try to keep up my classes and my work when teachers are going through the lessons very quickly because they do not have enough time to teach ever lesson they planned
The El Monte Union High School District demonstrates a positive environment to the students, staff, and parents. Their academics are good and the schools there open up many opportunities to students looking for a better future for them.
I like the fact that they really promote financial assistance to the students to ensure that college is an option for everyone.
I like the fact that the district holds monthly meetings that anyone is able to attend. Doing this allows not only the students but the parents the ability to get familiar with our schools within the district. I would like to see the ideas of parents and students being heard more and tested because a lot of the time the district says things will change when it does not. It gives the students and families false hope, this is not always done only on some occasions. Overall the school district does a good job with providing for their students and also informing everyone what is going on.
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El Monte union high school district has a lot of good things, for example, it has good field trip to colleges and universities where we can learn about future careers and imply that knowledge while applying for scholarships and colleges or universities
The El Monte union high school district enforces many new ideas for their schools in ways to improve their students academics and prepare them for college, and that experience has allowed me to achieve my goals.
They have very great teachers, they're nice and ready to help whenever needed. The band programs at each highschool are astonishing and do a really great job at what they do. Really nice campuses and really local and close by.
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