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El Dorado Union High School District Reviews

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I liked how kind most of the students we’re and how welcoming they could be. I didn’t like the teachers, they are lazy and do not care whether you succeed or fail. They could care less about what your going through in life and just look at work. There not good at connecting to students or understanding them. Great stadium and many sports offered but most teachers were not good and academics lacked heavily because of this.
Very helpful staff. They Are all very positive and hold us at high standards.
I like that I can choose to take community college courses as well.
The academic scheduling and ROP programs that the district offers are quite amazing, Union Mine especially. You can get the most out of your education while not being so crammed for time. Union Mine has four classes a term, making more focused time for classes and allowing students to have more classes in the end.
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The school is completely inadequate in providing an education that either prepares students for college or enables them to be accepted. The scarcity of AP classes, the weakness of the language department, and the overall poor academics are obvious after four years of attendance. The school cannot offer any decent opportunities, and only a modest amount of graduates attend a university immediately after.
What I liked about El Dorado High school is the diversity and the kind environment although they can improve the school spirit.
I did like El Dorado High School. You never really felt out of place. I feel like both my confidence, and maybe my academics, became better. The teachers always were there at certain hours if you needed help on something.
I have attended El Doardo High School for about 2 years now, and I have enjoyed my time here. I love how welcoming the campus feels, and the student diversity that is present. I feel that I am getting a good education at this high school, all while having fun and participating in school based activities.
I love this district because they really care about your education. My school Charter University Prep isn’t a traditional high school but it has given me the best academic environment. There is not much diversity in this county but the academic and sports are excellent. While my school my not have sports, the other high schools have great opportunities for every student.
The faculty and staff really care for the needs of all of their students. The campus always has a good environment and is well maintained. There is such a grand amount of spirit at these school and the rivalry between them stays constant and safe. The academics are challenging in most subjects but that just gets students ready for their college lives. I have been a former student body participant at El Dorado High School and I believe that there was a great amount of affort pout intohis school.
They hire teachers who get burned out an do not really care about their students. Students have no voice and it is close to impossible to make changes at the school. Students are not our first.
eldo is uhhhhhhh alright i guess. the staff is pretty nice, the students are okay. some of the teachers seem...unstable. ahhaha that sounds mean but its true. for the most part my teachers made me uncomfortable. they lack control and a lot of students take advantage of them. some teachers are nice though, there are a few hidden gems. the school's environment is kinda weird too. most of the students make me uncomfortable. they're oftentimes supportive but still a couple crazies work there haha. the students themselves are nice too but kind of dull..idk... there are also a lot of firedrills because of freshmen that juul in the bathroom. its pretty funny. also i recommend bringing a lunch if you can, the foods kind of sketchy. no disrespect to the lunch ladies cause they nice or whatever. yeah idk eldos okay i guess.
Very pleased with the faculty and how prepared the students are for college. Oak Ridge High School is a larger school and offers a variety of classes for every level.
It is a very good district. Most of the teachers are awesome and teach their subjects well. However, it would be nice to see more camaraderie between students.
Some of the teachers were fantastic and really cared, but when I was on crutches for two months it was difficult to get around the school all of the ramps are around the back of the school so it would take a long time to walk between classes. The school cared a lot about the below average football team and would not give money to the other sports such as the swimming team and the water polo team.
It is a good school with good programs like Health Academy and ROP and there are a lot of awesome teachers and staff but the overall community is lacking and the budget is not always spent where it should be.
El Dorado High School was generally inclusive. The staff was caring about the students they had in their classes, and saw students as more than a grade. Not only this, but the school activities were open for all. The school made sure that everyone was able to do what they wished to do, and was not excluded for a superficial reason. The school offered many different extracurricular activities as well. However, the administration to staff communication could be improved upon. The administration communicating things to the teachers and to the students is something that El Dorado High School can improve upon because there seems to be a lack of it. Not only this but even though in recent times El Dorado High School has spoken out about societal issues, there could be more done about it.
Over the past 2 years at El Dorado Hugh School, i have not only learned and understood many academic concepts, but have met many amazing people and have learned so much about myself and the world around me. No matter who you are or where you come from, this school creates a safe learning enviornment for everyone.
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Student Body is active and school spirit is valued. Sports, primarily football, is the driving spirit of the school. The theatre department is also active and produces wonderful productions which are all student based. The administration supports students achievements that bring credit and attention to the school.
I like that they give the students freedom at the school. We have a very nice football field. Teachers are also willing to help students with homework, even when it is on their time. What I would like to see change is that they have a class that prepares students for the real world, like how to do taxes, how to pay bills, and how to just get started in life.
Principals being more connected and personable with students, and having more available times for appointments with counselors.
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