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El Dorado Springs R-II School District Reviews

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I enjoyed my time at Eldo school. Facilities are getting better with the recent improvements. Teachers are generally helpful and care about the students.
I love my high school because of all the options it provides. It has given my family and I many chances to explore new and interesting experiences. I am a part of five different clubs and the marching band. It absolutly has a choice for everyone! My brother has always had a hard time making friends, but thats not a problem in the Dungeons and Dragons club! He feels right at home. I am glad that there is a club for everyone to be a part of. It makes our school spirit very high and our eagerness to learn even higher.
best small town school you could ever go to teachers are amazing people are ok not the best diversity but its a small town
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I like that there are a variety of sports and activities here. There's over a dozen clubs. The staff is kind, and I feel like they cater to both the college bound kids and the kids going straight into the workforce. The teachers, for the most part, care about what they are teaching. The food is through Opaa, and a lot of times isn't very tasty. But sometimes it's really good.
Lacking in every area. Mostly focused on sports areas, even though we are terrible at sports. Do not focus on improving academics or challenging more intelligent individuals. Lacking in extra curriculum activities and need more electives to cater to a more broad group of kids. Textbooks are 20+ years old and there is such a shortage that kids cannot take textbooks home, yet they are building a new gym. Most of the electives are FFA related, there are no wood shop or basic skills classes..
Most of the teachers at my high school are very nice and love to see us succeed. they are always willing to help us in ay way possible. Though the teachers are nice we do have a little drama in the student section. I would also have to say that a lot of our students are not motivated to complete their school work and strive for success.
I really would like to see many changes happen with this school. I would not mind if someone knocked it all down and started all over again. That includes hiring all new staff.
I loved this school and miss it everyday! The teachers were great and they cared about the students. The only issue I saw in the school, was the lack of recognition of the students in fine art activities such as Speech, theatre, art club, and choir. These areas need more funding and they need to know they are cared about as well.
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