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Egg Harbor Township School District Reviews

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Egg Harbor Township High School has offered me with great academic and fun opportunities. I feel that I received one of the best educations in my state because of the teachers and faculty that work hard to give me a great education. The variety of classes is awesome and the activities are just as good.
At Egg Harbor Township I have been able to grow from a shy freshmen to a more confident leader. At Egg Harbor Township High School both the curriculum and after school activities have molded me into a great young adult.
Egg Harbor Township High School is a big school that you can easily find something to be involved with. Teachers are generally there to help and there are ways to get help academically, such as the tutor center, teen center, and your guidance conselors. Full of all different kinds of students, EHT gives you a diverse experience that is overall highly beneficial.
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I like that EHT High is very diverse and has many class options, wether it’s AP, Honors, etc. The school also has many clubs, sports, and activities.
Egg harbor townships is a good school district. The school tries to be as inspirational as possible and as convincing as possible to students to make them do well.I feel like guidance counselors should be more involved with students not just their senior year.If guidance counselors would be more helpful to underclass they could start getting ideas about their future and the process of college then that could take away some of the stress many seniors have.
For the most part I felt protected. Students were never in a dangerous situation due to the security guards and most restrictions of the high school. I had the best time during my 8th grade year due to the teachers that cared for my education, the trip to six flags, and the formal. I really do wish that they would add a senior trip for the high school seniors as well. The graduating seniors should also be able to decorate their caps and gowns as they please with out consequences. I also believe that the school over reacted over that video that went viral in 2017. Nobody was hurt in the making of the video and no property was damaged, so the suspension of the students i the video was unnecessary and uncalled for. Also if there are any more ways to highlight student achievements in and out of the classroom, they should be made. I also liked the idea of having a representative from a college come in to speak to the students.
I am so happy to have spent my entire education career in Egg Harbor Township. I could not imagine myself anywhere else. The teachers are so nice and inspiring. They truly care about you and your future success. There are so many opportunities for you to get involved in no matter your interest.
Friendly teachers and loved the soccer field. Although i attended the school for only a month or so, i learned various lessons in that school, and made some friends who I still talk to today.
Overall, the teachers within the district are very passionate about their jobs. I feel as if I've received a good education throughout all my years in EHT. However, I think the overall transportation system could improve.
My experiences at Egg Harbor Township High School is what I believe to be average. I never went to any other high school, so I never really know anything else. They're developing new programs at the school such as fashion and statics. Some of the teachers really care about the students and other teachers don't care. I have had some teachers that really don't teach the class and so I had to learn a couple subjects on my own and sometimes it has worked out and others it hasn't. My favorite class is definitely fashion. We sew different projects such as bags and clothing. This year I'm taking my second year and I have learned so many things and hopefully I'll have success with it in the future because I will like to peruse something with fashion has a college major.
I have been in Egg Harbor Township all my life and it is not a horrible district to live in. My school is extremely diverse and we have many options for students choose from elective wise. We have a lot of student body since we are a large district with 2 middle schools. Sometimes it is annoying how students don’t walk fast in the hallway and don’t know how to open both doors.
My only bad experience in EHT was in middle school with an ELL teacher. She was constantly yelling obnoxiously and often would make fun of her students' backgrounds.
what I enjoyed most about Egg Harbor Township is that they had classes for Spanish speaking students who learned to enhance their vocabulary and grammar in Spanish. I made a lot of new friends in these classes called, Hispanohablantes, but I also learned about the different cultures in central and South America.
I’m in the medical science academy at eht high school and the experience has helped me grow and want to reach my goal of becoming a doctor.
It is a great school district with a lot of diversity. People from all over attend this district and it can clearly be seen in the classrooms. It is safe and everyone is friendly to each other. Students are able to take many leadership roles to guide their fellow students. There is also many sports available and there is no shortages of participants. Overall, great schools with great people.
Overall my experience at EHTHS has been great the academics here are the best in this region. Most honor and AP teachers are knowledgeable and the students are competitive yet helpful. Only a few sports teams did well in my tine here, but those that were good were able to succeed. Overall a very good high school.
My experience at Egg Harbor Township High School was one that I will never forget. I made lasting friendships, was involved with the music program (vocal ensemble), was able to maintain a 3.7 GPA, and always received the help that I needed from faculty. What I would like to see change would be the readiness and preparing for students going into college. Putting the due dates aside and being strict about late work, I feel that the courses should lean more towards college courses. I was not prepared going into college for any of my classes especially the test taking strategies I’ve now learned and maintaining good study habits. I hope that one day I can give back to my High School because without them, I would not have gotten this far!
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While I was at EHT I thought it was the worst experience of my life and I couldn't wait to get out of there. But I was wrong. EHT taught me a lot of life lessons, and now that I'm currently out of state I miss it. EHT has a lot of great teachers and they are there to help you and they want to help you. So take the chance while you can to use all your resources!
My experience at EHTHS was very good. I always felt properly treated and educated by the staff and faculty. The curriculum was very good. The additions to the building (new wing, new cafeteria) were beautiful and very necessary. The gym is very good. The student body is very diverse, cooperative, active.
The district is very large so there is quite a bit of students attending this high school. Sometimes class sizes seem too large. The regulations made for these districts also aren't very progressive, where transgender students must not use their gender's bathrooms but they must use the bathroom according to their sex at birth
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