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Edwardsburg Public Schools really facilitate a community feel. Everyone in the village is supportive of the school. I would change the dress code. I would also like to see more classes offered.
I graduated in 2018 and I can honestly say that my experience with Edwardsburg has been the best I still see myself volunteering to go to the parades and football games!
The school system is currently trying to deal with a rising student body population, but the school board isn't currently really trying that hard. The amount of students taking Alternate Education is rising and the amount of general dissatisfaction is rising as well. They, in my opinion, are a greedy school system that avoids paying money unless it goes to the football team. In summary, they're the classic midwest small town high school, but with a rising student population.
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I enjoyed my experience at this high school. Although there is not much diversity in the community, it is a very caring environment
It's nice being so small and allowing you to graduate with the same people you started kindergarten with. You also manage to know everyone in your graduating class. But the overall school needs to update, they still don't have A/C except in the new gym.
They do not care about bullying and won't do anything to stop it. They also do not care about students safety. They will let students speed and act carelessly. Very Poor support in Academics, only cares about sports. Need to pay attention to students.
I love this school. It's a Blue Ribbon and the teachers are very interactive. They get involved and you can have one-on-one time with them if you aren't understanding something.
A rapidly growing school that provides a lot of opportunity for students looking to take their education further. Very accepting of everybody and a very safe place to be. Not only is the school great, but the overall environment that it provides students makes it an unforgettable high school experience that gives you the chance to come out successful if you choose.
I liked the community that was created. Everyone was like a family and supported each other. However, there is a lack of diversity which makes me quite sad because this makes the few people of color feel out of place and not welcomed into the community.
I have enjoyed my time at Edwardsburg High School. The teachers are very helpful and approachable. They encourage us to do our best and work hard. I also enjoy all of the extracurricular activities. The community is great at supporting the athletic teams. I have excelled at baseball with great coaches there and will be playing baseball in college which has always been my dream. All of the teams receive great support. Many travel far distances to watch us play. Our teams always make it to districts and state even from this small community. I have made a lot of friends at school.
I like how close everyone is with each other.
I wish some teachers would care more instead of letting the kids who don’t try do what they want and then hand them good grades.
My favorite thing about EPS was all of the support the staff and community gave to me as a student! I believe one thing they could change would be to offer harder classes such as AP classes and more advanced classes! From my understanding they have already started this process!
I love Edwardsburg Public Schools. The teachers are always striving to meet every single student in a way that makes sense to them. The school goes way out and beyond to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. To add, the small setting makes for everyone to almost feel like a family. Great school system.
My children, husband, and I all attended Edwardsburg Public Schools and have had a wonderful experience with them. Their academics stand out with their Blue Ribbon status and state test scores. I really enjoy watching their sport teams throughout the year. If I could change one thing, I would like to see more foreign languages offered.
The school system has excellent teachers, but unfortunately the system seems to be entirely too interested in athletics to worry about academics. Fortunately, I as well as several others managed to find decent academic construction elsewhere at the various dual-enrollment opportunities that were presented to us by our teachers.
The thing I liked the most about edwardsburg was the size because you got to know a lot of people because the school is not too big or too small. Also all the teachers are very helpful and easy to get along with. The only thing I disliked was some of the food that is served.
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I transfered to Edwardsburg my Junior year of high school. I felt welcome at this school and it became my new home. The students and staff are extremely kind and helpful. I loved my time at Edwardsburg.
Edwardsburg Public Schools is a school system with students that provide great standardized testing scores each year, but if you were ask a group of students what they thought of the school many would tell you that they do not enjoy it. Here at edwardsburg there are many intelligent and helpful teachers, but there are few that are clearly only here because they coach a sport team. I have also noticed too that when it comes to the star football players, they a basically untouchable here. Safety wise I have never felt threatened or scared here although we've had cases of drug problems in the past. If I had to sum up my 3 years, almost 4, at Edwardsburg, I would say that I enjoyed my high school years, and learned a lot that I plan to use in the future.
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