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Although I have never attended Edmond Public Schools, I always hear great things about it. I do live here though and I have to say I love the community and people in it. I would recommend raising a family here for anybody!
I moved to the USA in 2010 from Ethiopia and the first school district I went to was Edmonds. My experience in the Edmonds School district was excellent compared to the one I was at before commingled to the USA. Back in Ethiopia the teachers were strict and never helped you out if you needed it they would even hit you. Which thinking back was pretty messed up. I like it here because the teachers are so nice and love to help you out whenever you ask them a question. What I would love to see changed in the Edmonds school district is the diversity because I feel like the school is not very diverse.
I go to lynnwood High School and I this is my third year as a senior and I loved it. The staff and school was great and the diversity of the place was filled with great and inspiring teachers. I felt very safe there and I’ll be sad to leave it this upcoming year. I also am at Edmonds community college for running start and the campus is really nice and I’m glad to have a head start in college to get a feel of it.
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I never felt that I was held back by the resources available at my school and often felt encouraged and empowered by my teachers, administrators, and fellow students. However there were a great many times it felt that the teachers were not all in on our education which was troubling.
Overall, I've been an active student participant in the ESD. I've seen district members actively try to earn more funds to be used and delegated around the district. Some schools, in my opinion, have overall higher quality, but overall, the active efforts of the district help to ensure that this school district will always have a standard quality.
The ESD focuses on all aspects of school, from having amazing teachers to offering diverse classes. One improvement that would benefit would be more focus on the arts so that all students have access to an artistic outlet.
I loved my time in the Edmonds School District! Wonderful Staff all around the district. Very safe place to go up and learn. I recommend to many. The college readiness is amazing and there is plenty of involvement with parents.
The thing that i like about Edmonds School District is the instructor in the school. The instructors alway provided enough information about the lesson and explain it clearly. However, the thing that i want them to change is the environment in the school.
It was alright, but I think I would have liked more diversity in the school and a bigger and better emphasis on the STEM subjects. They are lacking heavily in math and physics and chemistry and really pushing it with the sports and arts.
The staff is involved and committed to helping students, and the students feel supported in their schoolwork, and end up being successful in school even if they are falling behind or struggling.
I like the effort that the Edmonds school district put into the students. The staff always had their student's best interest at heart.
I was in the Edmonds School District for 10 years and received a good education. Facilities were decent, but the staff and teachers were great! Most were very caring and put forth a good effort. Community was a 4/5!
Edmonds school district works hard to improve students skill. High schools under Edmonds school district requires lots of credit which helps student to survive college and university by working hard.
feel safe to go and learn here. The place is bully free. All of the teachers and staff that I have met are caring and kind to you. Meadowdale high school is full of respect to every student and students try and be respectful. There is a man by the name of Gene, he is a security man for the school. Gene is the greatest, hilarious and keeps our school safe and problem free respectably. Meadowdale has made my life easier, If I were to go to a school that wasn't Meadowdale, I'd be treated unkindly and bullied. I am blessed to be in Meadowdale, I feel safe and no bullies practically exist. If I could change something it would unlock the doors on the other side of the school so we can get to classes faster. Besides that I love this school, I feel like I am blessed.
This school district is a good one to be a part of, they really try hard to make your experience pleasant. As there are some good things about this school district there has to be some down sides, they don’t listen to the students when they have ideas about certain things, such as starting school later and getting out of school at the end of June. The students and staff have tried to explain to them that the start time is fine and we don’t need as many teacher in service days.
I love how diverse our schools are, and I love bullying is not a problem at some of our schools in Edmonds school district. Somethings that I would like to see change is the staff. I would also like the equipment used in classrooms to be replaced with newer equipment.
Nice district, but overall seemed to be lacking funding. Students had to pay for there own printing, at a ridiculous 5 cents a page.
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I would like to see teachers be held accountable for their actions regardless if they have 10 year. I was treated terrible by a teacher and no actions were taken by the school because of his 10 year status.
EDCC has an incredible tutoring program.
I would like to see more user friendliness on their website though.
I have been a student in the Edmonds School District from Middle School to my Sophomore year in a community college. One thing the district is good at is creating open opportunities for students who see far beyond the regular schedule. For those with the desire to create diverse clubs or join programs that polish success, Edmonds School District is a great support system for that.
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