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The edmond public schools area is a great school district when it comes to academics, but socially it is terrible. The students stereotype each other and are racists towards each other. Edmond North has been "creating a culture of racism" and that is exactly how I felt while attending. Resources provided at the school are adequate, but ever since it got rid of its BYOD policy, it has only made it more difficult for teachers to teach their students.
I love the engaging atmosphere in Edmond Public Schools. They have a really good curriculum and college readiness standards. Best district in my state!
Edmond Public Schools does a very good job at having a class that fits every students needs and hobbies.
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I love going to Edmond Memorial High School because of the endless opportunities it brings. I am very involved in the performing arts program at Memorial and it is so much fun to be a part of. Memorial is somewhat diverse and has amazing well loved staff. The AP teachers at Memorial are phenomenal, and I'm very glad I get to experience their teachings.
Overall I had a good time and the education was fantastic. Just like everywhere else it helps to get involved in activities such as FFA or whatever suits your fancy.
So far so good. Friendly enough staff and unexpectedly kind. Only problem I can can think of is the network. Student bias aside (coolmath, youtube, etc.), some blocks were a little excessive.
I was heavily involved in the band program here, and it’s been a wonderful experience. AP classes taught me to push myself academically, and concurrent classes allowed me the exposure to true college courses.
the Teachers and staff here in Edmond are amazing they really care for the students and do there best to help with the students success. There are tons of after school activities, clubs, and sports for kids to participate in. I believe that all of the schools here are safe and any threats they are aware of are taken seriously. One thing I hope to see change would be that in the middle school there could be stuco. Kids could run to be a part of it like you can in high school. I would also like to see an improvement with how our chrome books work. WiFi often shuts down which causes teachers to creat new lesson plan for that day. And there are many times problems with turning assignments in or the screens freezing.
I’m a junior at Santa Fe high school and I really do think this is a great district. As opposed to other districts in Oklahoma we have the best education system. And for diversity we a mix of just about everything. At least at my school we do.
I love the feeling of togetherness and community. I would like to see more change in diversity over the years.
The schools have offered a quality education in a diverse student setting. There are numerous opportunities to at our high school because we have good athletics, clubs, etc. and this provides all students to find their own niche and succeed. The academics are solid as well - It is a clean and safe learning environment with very good teachers/administrators who are willing to help students advance. I have enjoyed my years in Edmond schools and have grown tremendously both academically and individually with my participation in our schools Student Council.
The teachers could start interacting with students more. However, it is not their fault that they cannot fulfill this. They can't due to there being to many students and not enough room or teachers.
I have had a very good experience at Edmond Public Schools. Sometimes though, it feels like there is a lot of excess pressure placed on the students, especially in high school.
Edmond Public Schools for me as a currently enrolled Senior is great. For all my life I have been attending this district and I must say the academics provided here are one of the best you can get in Oklahoma. The clubs provided in the districts are always growing and branching out to provide unique and cool experiences to students, while also being easy to get into because of friendly interaction. Another thing I love about this district is how diverse it is, people from all different backgrounds come together to share a great learning environment that helps students build bonds and relationships with people that they might not seem familiar with. This is an essential socializing skill that students will ned when they enter the workforce and get paired up with people that aren't always similar to them.
I think Edmond school are good. The teachers are fantastic and the facilities are good. The only thing I might change about the this district is the class sizes.
Edmond Public Schools are the best in the state for a reason. The schools are fairly well funded. The teachers love students and encourage learning. There are countless opportunities for AP classes, college prep, tutoring, clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. The STEM classes are some of the best in the state as well as the arts programs. There is even the largest AFJROTC program in the state and the district allows students to transfer to North to participate.
Being a more affluent district, we have access to technology that has wildly changed my classroom experience as a student and the way I learn. No matter what challenges we face, our district pulls through and really cares for the students. During the Oklahoma Teacher walkout, the district kept us informed and allowed the teachers to go fight for their pay, while also keeping students updated on schoolwork so we could pick up where we left off when we returned to school. The district is a blessing.
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I love Edmond public schools! I feel that all of my teachers are amazing. Most of the AP teachers I have are AP consultants and involved in the college board. I am getting the best kind of education. The environment is great.
I like the opportunities that EPS gives its students through AP programs and numerous activities. At the same time though I don't think the school district cares much about its students needs. Theres constantly conflicts that the school district doesn't tend to address unless it's announced on the news, which I feel gives students this aspect that the district and administrations of the schools are just looking out for themselves.
I am a recent graduate of Edmond North High School. I was very blessed to have attended some of the greatest public schools in the state. That's not saying much since I have grown up in the 50th worst-funded state in the country. If I could change anything in the school system, it would definitely be the funding. The teachers were underpaid and had to get second, or even third jobs. They were tired and unappreciated. That is what I would change if I could change anything.
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