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I'm currently attending Edina High School and absolutely love it. I attended Normandale French Immersion k-5 learning to become a bi-lingual student. I recommend this program and elementary school to anyone considering it. I've been able to travel and use my knowledge of the Francophone culture and language that I acquired in this special school. We are lucky enough to have French teachers and French interns who share their love and culture with us. I continue to take amazing French courses at the high school and plan to major in French. I also believe that Edina has done an excellent job at preparing students for college. Whether its AP classes, college prep seminars, college checklists, and having accessible counselor guidance.
Excellent education

Horrible social standards ( I.e kids shred each other apart. Drain their self confidence)
The good: The education was phenomenal. A ton of opportunity to take accelerated classes, AP classes, and pursue your interests such as engineering.

The bad: Simply put, the people. Some of the worst, rudest, and snobbiest people you will ever meet. The super intendent, principals, and other staff never enforce their "zero tolerance" policy with drugs or cheating. Just a terrible set of people
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Great counselors. Teachers were available for additional help.
Sports were expensive, and were not always easily accessible for all.
Generally a very good and safe school, although not very diverse, and tries very hard to be diverse. Generally excellent teachers and academics, and facilities are currently getting renovated.
Edina is a very good school but sometimes feels to much about the grades and not the connections that can be made.
Edina public schools has been my home for the past 12 years. I call it my home because that’s the connection the faculty and staff have made with each single student. Edina has extremely well trained teachers and even better students. I just love the fact no matter what you are going through Edina has someone who could help you.
The academics, college readiness, safety, sports, and resources are all excellent here at Edina. However, the diversity and culture could be broadened more.
The standard by which this district prides has dropped significantly in tbe last three years. The district has become entirely focused on identity politics and grades falling district wide. The board claims it is a program of equality. It is not, it is a racist program. Students are being taught as early as kindergarten that being born white is bad and that if you are from any other culture then it is your fellow students inherent "whiteness" that is the cause of anything bad that besets you. I've seen fellow parents console their crying children as they try to explain to them that they are not "evil" and that the teacher is wrong. How can they be expected to learn if they can't trust what their teachers are telling them?
I am a citizen of the Edina school district and I am tired of their liberal bias and want them to go back to a neutral unbiased system where all students are given equal privileges and minorities not given more rights
Its been great. Edina Public Schools has given me everything I have wanted from a school district. I have been able to reach my goals with flying colors while having multiple teachers by my side making sure I am able to do what I put my mind to. I am very thankful to have gone through the EPS school district and recommend it to any parents in Minnesota
Edina School District exists only to indoctrinate young minds which whacked-up liberal fallacies. Enroll at your own risk.
While I attended high school in India, my little sister is currently a senior in the district- her third year here. Great teachers and faculty, as well as a very informative and helpful college counselor. Couldn't be happier with her experience there.
Within my time at Edina Public Schools, I've experience great things, and some things I'd love to see improve. The teachers and academics, for the most part, are excellent. The teachers seem to genuinely care about their jobs, and enjoy teaching. The academics offer a variety of choices for all students, even if they do edge on the side of more difficult classes overall. Where I have qualms is the general student body and the attitude they possess. The school has very little diversity, and the students are fairly pompous and immature, causing a toxic environment and a 'bubble' mentality within the student body. Overall, I'm fairly happy with Edina Public Schools, yet a shift in the student body mentality could make this an excellent school.
My experience at Edina has been great!! I started at Cornelia in Kindergarten, and now I'm about to be a Junior at Edina High School. Edina is one of the best school districts in the state, and I'm proud to be a part of it. The curriculum is challenging, the teachers are amazing, and who can forget all the redesigning going on right now? I would 100% recommend that parents consider sending their kids to Edina.
My child is very ready to handle college and the world. I have been impressed with how much the teachers care and know my child. The teachers listen when issues arise.
There is quite a bit of school spirit. Both Students and parents are VERY involved. Quite a bit of pressure to fit in.
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Love the environment, love the teachers - I feel very safe at all the Edina Schools I have attended. Everyone is so friendly and helpful
Edina is great when it comes to education. There are plenty of activities to be involved in and majority of the teachers that I have had here have been really helpful. Going to school here there's not much diversity, and though the students are smart they are also close minded.
I loved attending EHS, it is such a warm, welcoming community and it is easy to find something that you enjoy to do if its sports, theater, or art. Edina has amazing programs for all
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