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Edgewood High School is devoted to creating a safe environment that promotes success and growth. The teachers are always there to listen to the concerns and questions from the students. Edgewood has personally shaped me into who I am today.
Going to Edgewood, a student would experience the feeling of knowing they're surroundings very well. Classes didn't stand apart from each other, many freshman are friends with seniors, Seniors would date Juniors, etc. You didn't feel left out because everyone knew everyone. It's also a big family school. Many students can attest that multiple members of there family either attend Edgewood currently or they have attended Edgewood in their "younger years". I would like to see the relationship of the administrators and the students change. The student-teacher relationship is a very fluctuating one, at best.
The one biggest thing that I loved about The Edgewood City School District is the warm and embracing atmosphere that always seemed to feel like home to me no matter what the circumstances.
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My experience at Edgewood hasn’t been the best. I am an average student and don’t try to stand out or push myself into the small community “in” circle we have in this district. The administration plays favorites in everything, they adore the cheerleaders and athletes. It doesn’t hurt or anything, it’s juts pathetic to watch. The teachers are the ones who need teaching, many are outdated and refuse to evelove along with the world and simply don’t understand the generation their teaching which is vital to have successful students . Edgewood isn’t all bad, it is like a family in some ways, st the end of the day the students stand together (most of them) and keep pushing through.
Not to big but not too small of a school. In a small town. They have a few AP courses and a couple CCP courses which I took all of them to prepare for college. Would like to see Edgewood offer more.
The teachers at Edgewood Highschool are great people and amazing teachers. But the principles and the way the school is ran is not. The school is based on politics. As a student in the top ten percent who didn't receive a single scholarship I was extremely upset. The only people that received scholarships were teachers kids and athletes. Which I was also a student athlete that participated in soccer and a student in the top ten percent of my class and graduated apart of the NHS. I unfortunately did not receive any type of scholarship from the school and I ended up graduating with a 4.7 GPA and went to an out of state school.
Edgewood is a small community of students that don’t give themselves credit for all the good they do. This school is full of so many hardworking students that are sometimes left unrecognized and forgotten. Edgewood is improving academically and socially from previous years.
I like that the school building is new at the high school and it is kept in excellent condition. Also that the rest of the schools are kept in good condition. The staff are friendly and want the kids to thrive in life, so they teach with the best of their ability. Also they make sure to fit in all the safety drills that they can, so that all of the kids are safe at all times. They also take extra measures like not being able to bring book bags into lunch that ensures the safety of the kids.
Edgewood's staff was so welcoming my Freshman year when I was a new student. The teachers were great and the counselors are always there for the students whenever they need it! Edgewood gave me opportunities to run assemblies for students while I was there and I couldn't be more blessed!
I enjoyed how friendly everyone that was involved in this school district was. The people at Edgewood and around the schools are one big family. Everyone knows everyone and it makes you feel included. I went to Edgewood my entire school career and I never felt in danger or not included. I liked all of my teachers and I felt that they did what was best for me.
Politics in every sport or activity. Should me more classes/resources to better you for college. More knowledge about life outside of school, life prep.
Edgewood is a great place to go if you want a typical high school experience. Typical teachers, typical classes, typical extracurricular and so on. Edgewood, in my opinion, does not exceed other schools in any aspect. I would like to see the administrators do something about the bullying that has taken place and continues to occur. I would also like to see a change in the diversity of the school. Most students and staff are the same race with the same beliefs. It makes it difficult for anyone who is out of the "norm" to feel comfortable.
Although, I moved to Edgewood in the 7th grade, Edgewood schools are by far my favorite school. It is such a nice small town community, where everyone knows everyone. It was very welcoming and the teachers encourage academic success.
Edgewood has been a great school for many reasons such as sports teams that always excel. Teachers are always friendly and are there for you. Academics is not the greatest at Edgewood. When doing homework with friends from different schools they are surprised by the lack of education we are receiving. Learning is the reason we go to school so not having good academics really brings down the school.
The district is very helpful. I was diagnosed with pre colon cancer and had to have surgery my senior year and missed a lot of school and the principle and teachers were very helpful with keeping me up to date with classwork so i could graduate on time.
My experience has been wonderful. The teachers truly care about my education. I have learned so much about what it means to be a student and a person in general thanks to Edgewood High School! What would I like to see changed? I'd like to see more opportunities for foreign languages. We have ASL and Spanish currently.
Trenton is a rather small spot on the map. There are many beautiful and insightful people who live in the area but it is the minds that make it great not the place itself.
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What I liked the most about Edgewood High School was the chance to get college credit before enrolling into college.
Great school and town with great people. During my time at Edgewood High school I feel as if I were prepared greatly for college and the challenges in life ahead.
I loved most of the teachers I've had. The only thing wrong is that the math teachers at Edgewood aren't to great. I would like to see the school hire better math teachers.
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