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Edgemont Union Free School District Reviews

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Edgemont Union Free School District is an excellent school system with phenomenal teachers and staff who want the best for the children that are attending the school.
Edgemont is very involved in their academics and has a very competitive and encouraging envorinment. Additionally, the faculty provides a lot of resources for people of all grades and all needs and is very supportive and inclusive of everyones journey!
Edgemont taught me a lot as a student. I took some honors and AP classes that were interesting and beneficial. I think my writing and history knowledge as improved greatly to through the years and I'm able to apply a lot of what I've learned in college. The atmosphere however was very stressful as a student. People were really competitive and sometimes it was more about the grades and rankings than the quality of work or the connections with people. I think parents, teachers and the students themselves put to much pressure on trying to be perfect that they lose sight of the quality of living and meaning of being hardworking.
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The school district prepared people very well for college, but the super high proportion of people going to top schools makes the competitive culture toxic at times. I had a great high school experience in this school district
Excellent academics! This school district provides one of the best educations in the country. Its like attending private school, but only costs you the property taxes. Great schools, highly recommended!
We moved to the district during my daughter’s tenth grade. We are very happy in Edgemont school. She settled into the school well, teachers, counselors and student body was very supportive. It was a risk our family collectively took to move in high school and I am glad so far.
Excellent academics. Prepares students to think for themselves and solve problems so they will be ready for college.
The reason Edgemont is well known is partially due to the overall laziness and ambiguity of the teachers. On occasion, there are one or two exceptional teachers who genuinely care about teaching and are eager to teach. On the other hand, the teachers don't work as hard to teach; the students are then left to learn on their own or join a tutoring place, such as C2 or Kumon. The athletic aspect of Edgemont, however, is somewhat ok. The cafeteria food is loaded with cholesterol and fatty foods. If you want to survive high school in a healthy state of the body, then make and bring your own lunch. The afterschool activities are subpar. There are some interesting clubs; do not join Yearbook! The community is fairly close-knit and safe. However, student life is absolutely terrible. There are constant problems with vaping, smoking, and drinking on campus.
The community is very inviting and everyone is super friendly. Although the academic pressure is a little overwhelming, it prepares you for the intensive work you might do in college.
this school is a very good place academically, but the social environment will mess your child up. everyone here focuses on wealth and all kids are beyond bullied. if you are not as wealthy as everyone else you don’t fit in, and get criticized. everyone is extremely fake even your friends exclude you and don’t always act like your friends. it’s a great place to go to to get into a good college, but the social life with make your child depressed.
Edgemont was a great school, both academically and socially. I not only received an outstanding education that prepared me well for college and life, but my closest friends are also from Edgemont.

It is definitely an intense place as far as academics are concerned, but it's no more intense than a competitive college or a typical workplace. The intensity and the stress it causes can be tough for a kid, but it is definitely manageable and it builds character.

In my experience, classmates were supportive (we studied together) and it was not at all cutthroat.

Lastly, while Edgemont is a great school for serious students, there is also plenty of help and support for those who need it, so I do not see how almost anyone could go wrong with the Edgemont Schools!
During my time at edgemont, I was bullied everyday. This area is a terrible place to live because everyone is rich and if you aren't as rich as them, they hate you. If you try to report any bullying to the administration they do nothing and pretend bullying doesn't happen. Common things people are bullied for are mental illness, being gay, not being disrespectful to the teachers, liking movies, and not drinking. The only good thing about edgemont are some of the very dedicated teachers who really care about what they're teaching. However, say you like these teachers and everyone calls you a suck up. The kids here are extremely spoiled and the parents are no better. Some of the parents even bully kids they've never met. There's so much drama it's hard for anyone to focus on academics. If you care about your kids' mental health, dont live in Westchester county.
Overall, Edgemont offered many opportunities for students to succeed. My only concern is that students are sometimes too competitive. There seems to be a culture where students overload themselves with AP and honors classes, even if this means that they will get less sleep at night. Still, students here are definitely challenged and they find themselves ready for college.
Really great school with active and passionate teachers. Environment is very competitive and comparative so it is very stressful at times but overall worth it for the great education
While Edgemont Jr/Sr High School is a very academically challenging place, the general level of stress at school is not as one would expect. The top 20% of kids are generally academically intense, and they generally end up at schools with overall acceptance rates of <15%.
I was enrolled in Edgemont schools from kindergarden through highschool graduation. The academic rigor prepares students well for college and the administration supplis sall needed resource to get the student into their perfect college.
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